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Arrowverse Crossover Event: Supergirl Kicks Off The Flash Wedding!

Get ready for The CW's annual Arrowverse crossover because the network has released a butt load of photos! On Monday, November 27 and Tuesday, November 28, the heroes will come together for a massive super-adventure. November 27 will feature Supergirl Season 3 Episode 8 at 8 PM with Arrow Season 6 Episode 8 airing at 9 PM for that week. The crossover will end with The Flash Season 4 Episode 8 and Legends Of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 8 the following night. The heroes will be coming together for Barry Allen and Iris West's amazing wedding. But when evil forces from Earth-X crashes the party, the Arrowverse must team-up to save the universe once again.   ...Read More...

Arrowverse Crossover Photos: Cisco Pilots Waverider, [Spoiler] Gets Injured

Cisco Ramon is flying high and one hero appears to be down for the count (or at least sidelined) in the first batch of photos from this years Arrowverse crossover event, airing across The CWs Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. The crossover will unfold across two nights, beginning with Supergirl and a []

Arrow Stars Preview 'The Dragon's' Debut, 'Tragic' Climax to Dig's Drug Use

Why stop at four Big Bads when you can have five? Arrows considerable roster of Season 6 foes gains a new member this Thursday (The CW, 9/8c) when Fringe vet Kirk Acevedo makes his first appearance as a version of the DC Comics villain Richard Dragon. The CW series iteration of the character is an []

Arrow Preview Photos: Enter The Dragon!

On Arrow Season 6 Episode 5 we saw the beginning of the exciting Deathstroke two-parter. The episode concluded with Slade Wilson's son Joe revealing himself to be the leader of the villainous Jackals! The CW has released official promotional photos for Arrow Season 6 Episode 6 titled "Promises Kept" that will wrap up this little arc. Longtime fans of Arrow should pay attention to the episode title as that is Slade's slogan. Deathstroke always keeps his promises! The photos also give us our first look at Fringe star Kirk Acevedo as the DC Comics villain Ricardo Diaz.   ...Read More...

New Arrowverse Crossover Promo Teases Explosive Wedding, Evil Ollie?

Here comes the boom. The latest promo for The CWs upcoming four-show, two-night Arrowverse crossover event suggests that things will go kablooey before The Flashs Barry and Iris can say I do-y. Also glimpsed during the teaser for Crisis on Earth-X are what appears to be Green Arrow arch enemy Prometheus, perhaps an Evil Oliver []

Arrow Star Stephen Amell on EP's Suspension: 'If You're Not Part of the Solution, You're Part of the Problem'

Arrow leading man Stephen Amell is speaking out for the first time since the shows executive producer Andrew Kreisberg was suspended amid sexual harassment allegations. Warner Bros. TV on Friday suspended Kreisberg who serves as a co-showrunner on SupergirlandThe Flash, but also holds an EP title on Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow as []

Could Arrow's Vigilante Reveal Have Been Any Less Interesting?

That sound you didnt hear on Thursday night was the collective Arrow fan base not gasping at the reveal of Vigilantes identity. I, for one, never let myself get invested in this unmasking, as I never found the character to be terribly interesting but more of a sideshow to the far more engaging events of []

Arrow-verse EP Andrew Kreisberg Suspended by Warner Bros. TV Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations

Warner Bros. TV has suspended Arrow-verse executive producer Andrew Kreisberg as it investigates numerous allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate physical contact. We have recently been made aware of allegations of misconduct against Andrew Kreisberg, Warner Bros. TV Group said in a statement. We have suspended Mr. Kreisberg and are conducting an internal investigation. We []

The Arrowverse Four-Way Crossover Synopsis Reveals a Super-Charged Team-Up

That much-anticipated Arrowverse four-way crossover will once again bring your favorite spandex-wearing heroes together under one roof. This time, they'll come together for Barry ( Grant Gustin ) and Iris's ( Candice Patton ) wedding celebration, which won't go as planned when a gang of villains decides   ....Read More...

Arrow's Vigilante Reveal 'Throws a Wrench in [Spoiler]'s Life' Plus: Stephen Amell Mourns His Fave Theory

This week on The CWs Arrow almost a year to the day that Oliver & Co. first ran up against Vigilante the masked menaces identity was finally, as promised, revealed. And lurking beneath that mash-up of leather, neoprene and ski goggles is Dinah Drakes former CCPD partner and boyfriend, Vince Sobel (now played []