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‘Arrow’: How the Show Can Return to Greatness By Embracing Its Past

Very few recent TV seasons have inspired such a wide range of reactions as Season 4 of Arrow. While some thought it was a fantastic season filled with everything they wanted, others cited the weird flashbacks, magic totems, bee puns, instant paralysis cures, and the death of an important mythos character as the ruining of a great show. Thankfully for The CW, the ratings have remained consistent, but could there be a way to bring back some of the viewers who may have given up? READ MORE...

John Barrowman on ‘Arrow’, Malcolm Merlyn, and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

At this year’s 42nd Annual Saturn Awards, I managed to get a few minutes with John Barrowman on the red carpet before the ceremony started. If you’re not familiar with the Saturn Awards, they honor the very best in science fiction, fantasy, horror and other genres in film, television, home media releases, and theatre annually. This ceremony stretched from 2015 to early 2016. During the interview, Barrowman talked about hosting the Awards this year, what people always want to talk about when they meet him, his thoughts on Malcolm Merlyn swinging back and forth between good and bad, favorite storylines on Arrow, if he’d be up for starring in Legends of Tomorrow, and what he’s been working on during his hiatus. Check out what he had to say in the video above and check the list of what we talked about below. READ MORE...

'Arrow' Season 5 Teaser: Have We Seen the Last of Olicity?

As previously reported, Stephen Amell broke his hiatus silence about everyone's favorite Arrow couple, Olicity. Though not exactly avoiding the question, Oliver and Felicity's biggest fan, Oliver's own actor, has been quiet on the status of the currently separated couple. At Heroes and Villains Fan Fest, though, Amell spoke about what the upcoming season 5 of Arrow might have in store for the couple and it's not something many fans might want to hear. Amell implied that season 5 might not see Oliver and Felicity rekindle their romantic fire and merely stay good friends. Though the idea sounds shocking to the diehard Felicity and Oliver fans, perhaps it could be for the best on Arrow .   Read More... //

Kevin Smith Has a Plan for Onomatopoeia, If Only Arrow Would Let Him Do It

Kevin Smiths already directed an episode of The Flash , and hes going to be back directing another episode for season three. But what he really wants to do is direct and write an episode of Arrow .   Read More... //

'Arrow' Season 5 Spoilers: Cast Talks 'Supergirl' Crossovers, New Villain and Olicity Break-Up

Arrow star Stephen Amell had a little bit to say about Arrow season 5 following the end of season 4 while promoting his movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of Shadows . He is the only member of cast or crew who really spoke up about the upcoming season of the superhero show.   Now the rest of the cast is talking more and more as Arrow season 5 gets closer to airing. At the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest panel over Independence Day weekend, Amell and the rest of the Arrow cast opened up about what fans can expect. They talked about everything from Supergirl , to new guest stars and, of course, Olicity drama.   Read More... //

Exclusive: Oliver Queen didn't even live through two issues of GREEN ARROW: REBIRTH

Get an exclusive sneak peek at GREEN ARROW #2, on sale from DC Comics tomorrow.  Read More... //

Arrow Cast Talks Season 5's Return to Core Mission, Dig Meeting Supergirl and More Plus: Why No 'Olicity' News?

Mayhem, death, love. Oliver and Felicity breaking up and getting back together. That is what David Ramsey says viewers can expect from Season 5 of Arrow. And though his tongue was planted firmly in cheek with that last part, the status of Olicity is TBD maddeningly so, in the view of the couples fans. [] //

Former WWE Star Cody Rhodes to Reunite With Stephen Amell on Arrow

After facing off on WWE a year ago, Stephen Amell and former wrestler Cody Stardust Rhodes will be reuniting, this time on Amells home turf, The CWs superhero drama Arrow. Amell announced that Rhoades will be guest-starring on an episode of Arrow when it returns for Season 5 in the fall, during a joint appearance at the Heroes & Villains FanFest Saturday. I step into this respectfully, humbly, and looking to do it justice for the fandom #HVFF @CW_Arrow, Rhodes tweeted Saturday, captioning a photo of an arrow.   Read More... //

'Arrow': 8 Burning Questions for Season 5

When The CW's vigilante drama returns in the fall, these are the questions we need answered.  Read More.... //

WB TV Is Bringing 21 Series to Comic-Con Including ‘The Flash,’ ‘Arrow,’ and More

It’s no surprise that Warner Bros. TV is going to have a big presence at San Diego Comic-Con 2016, but what’s a little shocking is just how many series will have their time to shine at the mega-sized fan event this summer. In addition to their 13 regular series which will be returning to the big show, another eight new shows will be making their first-ever appearance! That means that WBTV should have something for everyone. READ MORE...