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Find Out in Which 'Arrow' Season 6 Episode Deathstroke Will Return

EP Marc Guggenheim has taken to his Twitter account to share a subtle hint at when the fan-favorite villain will be making his official comeback to the show.  ...Read More... //

Arrow Casts Fringe Vet Kirk Acevedo as Version of DC Villain Richard Dragon

Fringe alum Kirk Acevedo will clash with Arrow, as a version of the DC Comics baddie Richard Dragon. As reported by our sister site Deadline, Acevedo has been cast as Ricardo Diaz, an ex-con who is set on taking control of Star Citys criminal underworld. Based on DC Comics Richard Dragon, Diaz is described as [] //

'Arrow' Season 6 May Reunite Deathstroke and His Son Jericho

A new casting announcement reveals that producers of The CW series are looking for an Australian lad to play an 'introverted, moody and naturally athletic' teen.   ...Read More... //

The Arrow Cast Picks Who Should Eulogize Their Characters

Arrow is no stranger to the Grim Reaper, and when you head into a season with almost a dozen characters' lives hanging in the balance between life and death, it's hard to imagine a premiere that doesn't involve some kind of funeral. Even evil masterminds like Malcolm Merlyn ( John Barrowman ) would  ....Read More....   //

Supergirl, Arrow, Flash and Legends of Tomorrow Land Mega-Crossover Dates From CW

The CW has set this upcoming seasons mega-crossover dates for the Supergirl, Arrow, Flash and Legends of Tomorrow event. Heres when theyll air: Monday, Nov. 27 (Supergirl and Arrow episodes) Tuesday, Nov. 28 (The Flash and DCs Legends of Tomorrow episodes) The CW pulled the same four-series event stunt last year, though it spread the shows out across four nights.  ...Read More... //

'Arrow' Season 6: Who Will 'Pay a Price' For Lian Yu? David Ramsey Previews Tensions

For Team Arrow, the fallout from the Lian Yu incident will be just explosive as the finale itself.   Season 6 is just around the corner, and the cast of The CW hit dropped by San Diego Comic-Con to preview the vigilante's next move. Armed with the knowledge that Diggle survives (and pays a heavy price in the process), David Ramsey teased out the post-finale plot, including a little enmity between the founding members of Team Arrow.  ...Read More... //

Stephen Amell Says Oliver and Felicity are "In a Great Place" on Arrow Season 6

No, Stephen Amell isn't tripped up by reporters questions. He doesn't share the keys of the kingdom but reveals how very hard he's pushing the writers to ensure every question is explored as a result of the explosion. If not, what's the point? There will be injuries, and Amellteases the status of the living.   ...Read More...

Arrow: Rick Gonzalez on Winning Over Fans to Favorite Character Status

Rick Gonzalez was not only a comics fan before joining Arrow but fully understands everything that goes into making a character like Wild Dog complex. While he might not have known who Wild Dog was before getting the role, he embraced all that Rene was once he discovered the full nature of the character he was about to play. He's former military with a great history that led up to becoming a husband and a father, all things that only compound Rene's background.   ...Read More...

Arrow: David Ramsey Promises Explosion "Particularly" Impacts Beloved John Diggle !!

"The explosion profoundly effects people on the show, specifically Diggle." Both physically and emotionally, according to portrayer, David Ramsey. Not only that, but it will affect him the most because he's such a well-written and evolved character. If you were planning on missing Arrow Season 6 Episode 1, don't do it. That's where Diggle's profound journey will begin.  ...Read More...

Arrow: Wendy Mericle Teases Season 6 Survivors!

Wendy Mericle shares with the press group the notion about found family. We're hearing a lot about it on the back end of the series, but will we hear it once it airs? Mericle talks about changing the process of writing the show without the flashbacks and the challenges surrounding it. She's also particularly excited about the story they get to tell for Oliver as a father.  ...Read More...