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Arrow Finale: Not Everyone Survived the Finale

  Well, now we know why Stephen Amell said an Olicity baby might be difficult storyline after Arrow 's Season 6 finale... Last week, Oliver called the FBI into Star City to help arrest Diaz ( Kirk Acevedo ), confessing to moonllighting as the Green Arrow in return. Now, we know his confession isn't all he   ..Read More...

Arrow Season 6 Episode 23 Review: Life Sentence

Tissues, anyone? On Arrow Season 6 Episode 23 , we see just as many situations that give life as they take it away, and it has left many viewers an emotional mess. The good news? Laurel is alive, Star City gets to live another day, and we finally get Sara's reaction to E2 Laurel. The bad news? Oliver is left in a supermaxprison surrounded by many men he's personally put in there, Quentin Lance died, and oh, did you get that? Freaking Lance died.   ...Read More...

Arrow Recap: To Whom Did a Desperate Oliver Turn for Help? At What Cost?

Baseball on The CW has been berry, berry bad to me, when it comes to Arrow recaps this spring. But at the end of the day, when its two outs in the bottom of the ninth and the bases are loaded, what I, Matt Webb Mitovich, am all about is giving you a place to []

Arrow Season 6 Episode 22 Review: The Ties That Bind

The writers really pulled out all of the stops for Arrow Season 6 Episode 22 , "The Ties That Bind." We got action. We got intrigue. We got countless explosions. And we got big betrayals. Can you all believe it was Anatoly that ended up betraying Diaz? It's interesting to see how the tables have turned for The Dragon. Initially, it was Oliver who got betrayed by everyone on his team, one by one. Although I'm not going to pretend like Dinah, Curtis, and Rene leaving the team was a big heartbreak, watching Oliver become isolated from everyone one by one was sad to watch by principle.   ...Read More...

Arrow Season 6 Episode 21 Review: Docket No. 11-19-41-73

When the going gets tough, don't count out your frenemies. Keeping with the recent theme of bygones, Arrow Season 6 Episode 21 took what could have been an incredibly bad situation for Oliver Jonas Queen and turned it on its head. There are still some bad seeds in town whose attitudes could use a little adjustment, but overall, the value of friendship and never fully torchingyour bridges after crossing them was understood.   ...Read More...

Arrow Recap: Double Jeopardy Plus, Inside the Return of 'Classic Tommy'

Arrow went to court this week, as Oliver Queen faced charges of conning his constituency by moonlighting (and sometimes taking lives) as Green Arrow. Was a new archer able to take the bulls-eye off Olivers back? Oliver was feeling good heading into the fast-tracked trial, though his attorney feared the worse, seeing as how the []

Arrow Season 6 Episode 20 Review: Shifting Allegiances

With Oliver on his own, the rest of masked avengers in Star City are in need of help. That means that on Arrow Season 6 Episode 20 most of the animosity between everyone is being set aside in a way. Rene gets out of the hospital, and even though things were not the best with Diggleduring the split, Diggle is being the bigger man and lending an assist now that he's with ARGUS.  ...Read More...

Arrow Recap: 25 to Life Ain't Fair Plus, Promo Teases 'Miracle' Return

This week on The CWs Arrow, Oliver, Diggle and NTA each took different paths, hoping one led to Diaz. Who wound up finding the power-hungry psycho, and what price was then paid? Oliver took a jaunt to Moscow to deliver to the Bratvas Pakhan a rival, paying back a debt heowed. The Pakhan in turn []

Arrow Recap: No Bueno Diaz

Bat men (that is, the New York Yankees) again played havoc with my Arrow viewing this week, by preempting the CW drama here in the Tri-State Area (not to be confused with Phineas and Ferbs Tri-State Area). And yet I know how much yall love to talk about Oliver & Co,. so here is the []

Arrow Recap: Hugs, Not Drugs Plus, Do You Agree With Oliver's Decision?

This week on The CWs Arrow, Oliver seemed to go off the deep end in the wake of Diggles departure from the team. But what was really at play? After Felicity tries but fails to Parent Trap Oliver and Dig with a reunion, Oliver takes a meeting with Councilman Kullens, who scoffs at the idea []