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    26 episodes
    • s3e26Installing Window Boxes on Brick Siding; What Is It?; Making Plumbing Connections; Installing a
      March 28, 2005
    • s3e25Installing Florescent Light Fixtures; What Is It?; Landscaping Software; Replacing an Aluminum Baseboard Heat Cover
      March 21, 2005
    • s3e24Installing an Electronic Air Cleaner; Removing Ice From a Walkway; Venting a Bathroom Fan
      March 14, 2005
    • s3e23Clearing a Clogged Vent Stack; What Is It?; Building a Backyard Ice Rink
      March 7, 2005
    • s3e22Riding Lawnmowers; What Is It?; Garbage Disposers; Replacing a Rotting Wooden Threshold
      February 28, 2005
    • s3e21Installing a 220 Volt Receptacle; Gardening Hand Tools; What Is It?; Installing a Macerating Toilet
      February 21, 2005
    • s3e20Leveling a Floor; What Is It?; Fixing a Leaky Water Shut-off Valve; Air Compressors
      February 14, 2005
    • s3e19Composting; What Is It?; Removing a House Trap
      February 7, 2005
    • s3e18Unclogging Bathtub Drains; An Alternative to Window Weights; What Is It?; Planting a Low-maintenance Garden
      January 31, 2005
    • s3e17Replacing Rotted Deck Balusters; What Is It?; Connecting an Icemaker
      January 24, 2005
    • s3e16Replicating Moldings; Fixing an Unlevel Patio; What Is It?; Stripping Wallpaper
      January 17, 2005
    • s3e15Replacing an Old Storm Window; Winterizing Shrubs; What Is It?; Carbon Monoxide Detectors
      January 10, 2005
    • s3e14Chicago Door Glass Repair; Glass Expert; What Is It?; Pruning a Pin Oak
      January 3, 2005
    • s3e13Planting a New Lawn; What Is It?; Replacing a Kitchen Sink
      December 27, 2004
    • s3e12Repairing Cracked Stucco; What Is It?; Cleaning a Lawnmower; Dehumidifier Pumps
      December 20, 2004
    • s3e11Ladder Safety; What Is It?; Replacing an Old Retaining Wall
      December 13, 2004
    • s3e10Noisy Toilet; What Is It?; Cutting Crown Molding; Replacing Broken Tile
      December 6, 2004
    • s3e9Plumbing Valves; Replacing an Old Bulkhead; What Is It?; Drip Irrigation Repair
      November 29, 2004
    • s3e8Hanging Shelves; What Is It?; Soil Testing; Hot Water Recirculator
      November 22, 2004
    • s3e7Anode Rod Replacement; Water Diverter; What Is It?; Too Much Heat!
      November 15, 2004
    • s3e6Flower Boxes; What Is It?; New Lawn With Sod
      November 8, 2004
    • s3e5Screw and Bolt Extractors; Cobblestone Edging; What Is It?; Rotting Porch Post
      November 1, 2004
    • s3e4Creating a Pass-Through Opening; What Is It?; Stopping a Toilet From Running
      October 25, 2004
    • s3e3Fixing a Broken Fence; What Is It?; Broken Shower Valve; Updating an Old Drill with a Keyless Chuck
      October 18, 2004
    • s3e2Replacing a Clogged Trap; Brick Walkway Patterns; Fixing Ceiling Cracks
      October 11, 2004
    • s3e1Edging a Lawn; Selecting Drill Bits; What Is It?; Fighting Fire
      October 4, 2004