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Season 2000


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  • 37 episodes
    37 episodes
    • s2000e1225Anatomy of a Murder Mystery
    • s2000e1219The Journey: Searching For Our Origins Part 1
    • s2000e1218Women in the Life and Art of Rupert Garcia
    • s2000e121240/40 Vision Lecture: David Noel Freedman
    • s2000e1211African Rhythms in Latin American Music
    • s2000e1127Bertram Turetzky and Friends: Music for Contrabass
    • s2000e111340/40 Vision Lecture: Neurology and the Passion for Art
    • s2000e1017The Nature of Genius: Beethoven
    • s2000e1002Short Circuits
    • s2000e925Exploding Stars - Celestial Fireworks!
    • s2000e918University Art Gallery: Art on Art
    • s2000e911Tahoe: Reservoir of History, Body of Hope
    • s2000e627Living in Alzheimer
    • s2000e619Constructing New Materials Atom by Atom
    • s2000e609Papagayo: A Puppet Opera
    • s2000e605The Moment in Time: The Manhattan Project
    • s2000e515Metaphysical Blues: New Frontiers in Music Making
    • s2000e426Angela Davis:
    • s2000e410City Club Presents Roy Blount, Jr.
    • s2000e403Visual Arts Faculty Lectures: Ernest Silva
    • s2000e321One Man
    • s2000e320Signifire: Art in the Public Realm
    • s2000e308City Club Presents: Ben Bradlee
    • s2000e307Taking the Pulse of the Universe: The Rossi X-Ray Timing Explorer
    • s2000e229The Universe Has No Center... and You
    • s2000e222Millennium Lecture: Dark Matter And the Ultimate Fate of the Universe
    • s2000e221Lung Disease in Women
    • s2000e215Science Horizons: The Protein Data Bank, Earth Science and Regenera...
    • s2000e209Partners for Smart Growth: Governors on Smart Growth
    • s2000e208Reflections From a Religious Tradition on the Evolution of Intellig...
    • s2000e202PRESSS: Five Stories for the Future
    • s2000e129The Education of an Opera Singer
    • s2000e110Richard Rodriguez: Books and Learning
    • s2000e108Edward Ball: Slaves in the Family