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Awake (NBC) “Game Day” Episode 9

Awake  "Game Day" Episode 9 airs Thursday April 26 on NBC (10-11 p.m. ET). Episode Summary: A big football rivalry captures the attention of the police department, but all bets are off when the final play  goes both ways in Detective Britten’s (Jason Isaacs) two realities. In one world a dispute between rival fans leads to a murder in the stadium parking lot  and in the other an in-the-red gambler gets burned. Meanwhile, Rex (Dylan Minnette) is suffering from a broken heart . Elsewhere, Vega (Wilmer Valderrama) and Hannah (Laura Allen) are planning a going away party for Britten. BD Wong and Cherry Jones also star. Read More... //  

Awake (NBC) “Nightswimming” Episode 8

Awake  "Nightswimming" Episode 8 airs Thursday April 19 on NBC (10-11 p.m. ET). Episode Summary: Awake (NBC) "Nightswimming" Episode 8 – While he and Bird (Steve Harris) work to reunite a couple and help them prepare for a new life within the witness protection program, Detective Britten (Michael Britten) realizes that he needs to take his own advice  and begin preparing for his new life in Oregon with his wife, Hannah (Laura Allen). Meanwhile, anticipating the move to Oregon, Britten tries to introduce Detective Vega to his longtime confidential informant, Jake (Steve Lawrence), but finds that Jake doesn’t like being passed down to another detective. BD Wong and Cherry Jones also star. Read More... //  

TV ratings: 'American Idol,' 'Big Bang Theory,' 'Awake' down, 'Scandal' premieres well

Fast National ratings for Thursday, April 5, 2012FOX's "American Idol" results show was down this week -- 13.79 million viewers compared to last week's 15.27 million viewers -- as was CBS' "The Big Bang Theory," which still came out on top in the 18-49 demographic. But the comedy, along with other CBS shining stars like "Person of Interest" and "The Mentalist," won the night for the network with most viewers.A new episode of ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" gave the network a bump, and its premiere of "Scandal" drew some viewers away from CBS and NBC's "Awake," which dropped once again this week, dipping down to 2.5 million viewers. ABC's "Missing," FOX's "Touch" and NBC's "Community" were also down.CBS averaged 12.28 million viewers for the night and a 7.5 rating/13 share in households. FOX was second with 10.6 million (6.5/11). ABC (7.56 million, 5.1/9) came in third ahead of NBC (2.69 million, 1.8/3) and The CW (964,000,... //

'Awake': Is Michael Britten schizophrenic?

On Thursday's "Awake," Michael Britten (Jason Isaacs) finds a solution to a hostage situation at a psychiatric hospital in his reality with Hannah (Laura Allen) and finds a missing ring in his reality with Rex (Dylan Minnette), which helps him grow closer to his son -- but is he actually losing his mind in both worlds?Much like Michael, Gabriel Wyath, the schizophrenic patient threatening to blow up the hospital, is convinced that his sister who was murdered is actually alive. Dr. Lee (BD Wong) tells Michael that Gabe reacted to her death by creating an elaborate conspiracy theory in which she was abducted by a fictional Dr. Wild from the lab where he worked. Later, once Michael realizes that Gabe's sister is in fact dead -- Wild is the name of the cemetery where she's buried -- he actually helps him to maintain the illusion that she's alive rather than tell him the truth.And... //

Awake: Why Is There a Penguin in Britten's House!?

How long can Michael Britten live in two realities? More and more that's becoming the question at the center of NBC's Awake. After Britten ( Jason Isaacs ) agreed to move with his wife Hannah ( Laura Allen ) to Oregon — a move encouraged by his therapists as a sign of progress — he received a haunting phone call from the serial killer he was chasing that urged him to not let go of his dual-reality gift. //

'Awake': Michael Britten's seeing penguins

Michael Britten (Jason Isaacs) gets some fowl costars on Thursday's (April 5) episode of "Awake" titled, "That's Not My Penguin." Britten is working with his therapist Dr. Lee (BD Wong) to quell a hostage situation at a mental hospital in one world, while continuing to mix up details about each of his realities. Plus, he starts seeing penguins, but are they only a hallucination or is someone trying to make him think he's hallucinating? Laura Allen, who plays Britten's wife, Hannah, said she's been looking forward to this episode."It introduces ... a whole new dimension to what this man can dream about," she said during a conference call last month. And Isaacs concurs."Since one of the worlds is a dream, crazy s--- can start happening," Isaacs told Zap2it in March. "Odd things start happening to him that you can't quite explain. ... Coming down the road, there's a lot more than penguins." Check out... //

Awake (NBC) “Ricky’s Tacos” Episode 7

Awake  "Ricky’s Tacos" Episode 7 airs Thursday April 12 on NBC (10-11 p.m. ET). Episode Summary: An unexpected tip leads Detective Britten to an empty warehouse that was tied to a case he was investigating prior to the accident. His curiosity causes concern for Captain Harper. Meanwhile, Hannah prepares for the move to Oregon. Read More... //  

Awake (NBC) “That’s Not My Penguin” Episode 6

Awake  "That’s Not My Penguin" Episode 6  airs Thursday April 5 on NBC (10-11 p.m. ET). Episode Summary: While working a hostage situation with Detective Vega (Wilmer Valderrama), Detective Michael Britten (Jason Isaacs) unexpectedly finds himself collaborating with Dr. Lee (BD Wong). In an effort to calm down  Gabriel Wyath (Guest Star  Billy Lush) — a patient who has threatened to blow up a mental hospital — Britten is compromised, and the effects follow him into his other reality. Read More... //  

TV ratings: 'Big Bang Theory' gives 'American Idol' competition, 'Awake,' 'Missing,' 'Touch' down

Fast National ratings for Thursday, March 29, 2012With no NCAA basketball tournament games on last night, CBS' "The Big Bang Theory" gave FOX's "American Idol" results show some serious competition Thusday (March 29) night. The nerdtastic show's episode featuring guest Leonard Nimoy (or at least his voice) beat "Idol" in the 18-49 demographic during its half hour and came close in overall viewers. Elsewhere, ABC's "Missing" was down this week, as was NBC's "Awake" and FOX's "Touch." CBS' "The Mentalist" returned from its two-week basketball hiatus, winning its 10 p.m. time slot in overall viewers and the 18-49 demo.CBS nabbed the top spot away from FOX Thursday for total viewers, averaging 13.04 million and a 8.1 rating/13 share in households. FOX was second with 12.2 million (7.4/12). ABC (4.9 million, 3.4/6) came in third ahead of NBC (3.1 million, 2.0/3) and The CW (1.85 million, 1.3/2).In the adults 18-49 demographic, FOX won with a 3.5... //

'Awake': Is Michael Britten not the only one with two realities?

On Thursday's (March 29) episode of "Awake," Michael Britten (Jason Isaacs) tracked the Gemini killer in his Rex (Dylan Minnette) reality with clues he received in the Hannah (Laura Allen) world -- and even became a suspect in the killings as well. But did the real killer reveal an important twist?At the end of the episode, after the Gemini killer escapes, he calls Michael's cell phone and lays this little diatribe on him:"Can you really not tell if you're awake or asleep? I bet they've told you that you're crazy, that you need help, that you need to get well. You see, that's the thing about guys like you and me, there's no other way for us to be. You take away what makes us us, and what's left? No, don't let them do that to you. The world needs a few of us to see it sideways. Sweet dreams, Detective Britten. And speaking just... //