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'Awkward': Did Jenna's apology come too late and did Tamara go too far in 'The Campaign Fail?'

After Jenna's "sanity sabbatical" this season on "Awkward," all her friends and family were waiting for was a simple apology. Of course, due to her pride, saying the simple two words of "I'm sorry" took way longer than it should have, and that might be the biggest mistake Jenna will ever make (besides putting all her eggs in the Collin basket since it turned out he never stopped hooking up with his ex Angelique the entire time he was with Jenna).Jenna spent all of "The Campaign Fail" trying to win her family and friends over by compliments, support, pandering, and nice gestures. She kept up her smile and dialed back the sarcasm. But she never once said "I'm sorry" when that was all everyone was waiting for.It wasn't until after Jenna got Val fired from the high school due to her scathing expose on the guidance counselor with no boundaries that she realized how... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/11/awkward-did-jennas-apology-come-too-late-and-did-tamara-go-too-far-in-the-campaign-fail.html

Awkward Season 3 Review “The Campaign Fail”

Words have always been important on  Awkward  and, now that Jenna has finally acknowledged her rock bottom last week, she has to realise that actions don’t always speak the loudest. ‘The Campaign Fail’ was about two things – Tamara and Jake’s previously stable relationship imploding and Jenna making amends for her actions over the past few weeks – and thank god for that sweet ending. This show used to be a comedy and, while I’m not complaining about the new things it’s been trying this year, some levity would be welcome. Starting with Tamara and Jake, it’s a shame that their lack of communication has torn them apart so soon. As soon as Jenna and Matty split up, it was only a matter of time before their friends followed suit, and what I really want now is for Jake to get a bit more to do outside of a relationship. He was introduced as a relatively viable romantic option for Jenna in the first season, and then we were all surprised by how well he and Tamara worked together, so the next stage must surely be about establishing him as a character on his own. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2013/11/27/awkward-season-3-review-the-campaign/