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Baby Steps Episode #15 Anime Review

Baby Steps has obviously been moving the story along well and with its heavy focus on Eiichiro and some of those around him, it’s been surprising. Really, did anyone not reading the manga expect Natsu to be such a small player in events this far into the series? I certainly didn’t. She had a decent role as a motivator at the start and had a key moment to help Eiichiro realize he was his own worst enemy, but once it got past that it’s been focused on Eiichiro himself and what he’s doing. His interesting and growing passion for the sport is what dominates it and not a love of the sport for a woman he’s interested in potentially romantically. That’s such a refreshing change of pace, and that they’re not forcing awkward encounters, that you can’t help but to get drawn into it all the more. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2014/07/14/baby-steps-episode-15-anime-review/