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Baby Steps Episode #03 Anime Review

It proved to be a lot of fun following Eiichiro in the previous episode wit hthe way he started doing a bit more to get familiar with tennis, applying some of his studious nature towards the sport to grow himself. He put himself into it pretty well, though obviously he had some conflicts along the way in dealing with some of those that were teaching him, but it was fun to get the understanding of how the training works and seeing the way he worked with Natsu. His desire to just get better physically was nicely done as well since it’s trying to get him to be a bit more well rounded and he is, as a whole, a pretty likable character with just some minor quirks. But we also got him falling for Natsu a bit more in his shy and restrained way, something that Takuma’s able to see and does his controlled best to try and nudge him away from it. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2014/04/21/baby-steps-episode-03-anime-review/