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Awesome Anime You May Have Missed Part 3

.post img { padding: 20px 0 10px; } Though the year has barely begun, I like many of my fellow anime fans, am running out of shows to watch. It's hard finding new anime once you've seen every episode of all the major series like Hunter x Hunter , Death Note , Dragon Ball , Naruto and One Piece . But don't you worry, there is a much better alternative than sifting through the thousands of anime programs out there. Whether they were overlooked, underhyped, or you've simply never heard of them, below I've listed five awesome anime shows you may have missed! Witch Craft Works In a stunningly animated world of warring witches, Honoka Takamiya is hunted by "tower" witches and protected by "workshop" witches. Though seemingly ordinary, Honoka holds a magical power he never could have imagined. The premise may sound like your typical magical anime but the exceptional jokes, visuals, soundtrack, and fight scenes make it worth watching. Every witch's power makes for either an incredible fight or an adorably odd situation. Where else could you find villains that fight using an army of rabbit robots or giant teddy bears? A must see if you like cute, action packed anime that is truly a feast for the eyes. Baccano! As a super fan of Durarara!!! , it is impossible not to recommend this brilliantly layered and satisfying story. Surrounding events in the early 1900's, this show tells the stories of diverse characters in a kitschy and creatively satisfying way. There's a thief couple with hearts of gold, a merciless killer whose girlfriend is eagerly awaiting to be murdered by him, old timey gangsters looking to gun down anyone who gets in their way, and even a few surprising supernatural character developments along the way. A must see if you like your anime intellectual, violent, and charmingly old fashioned. Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? Though not as popular as Sword Art Online, Overlord, or Log Horizon , Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? is a must for fans of the vr/video game anime genre. In this world, adventurers explore dungeons, fight monsters, level up, and join groups that have sworn to serve under the goddesses and gods of this world. The majority of the story is main character Bell exploring dungeons, making new friends, trying to prove his worth to the woman he's fallen in love with, and helping his goddess Hestia build her "familia". If you like anime with monster battles, ridiculous jokes, and a video game vibe you have to check this one out. A must see if the virtual reality/video game anime genre is one you enjoy. Also try spinoff Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?: Sword Oratoria . Houseki No Kuni (Land of the Lustrous) This anime is so beautifully weird that you really have to watch it to believe it. In this world, 28 "gems" (genderless but female looking immortals) must fight off being kidnapped and turned into decorations by creatures called Lunarians. In this odd story you will see characters shattered like glass, a story progression you never could have expected, and truly THE MOST STUNNING ANIMATION YOU WILL EVER SEE. Every major conflict and fight scene in this show is enrapturing to the eye, more than making up for it's quirky premise. A must see if an oddly engaging, compelling, and aesthetically pleasing show is your cup of tea. Heavy Object This is a mecha/war anime that almost any fan of the genre can enjoy. Though there is a decent amount of risque fan service (the two male main characters are 100% typical horny bachelors) the fight scenes and storyline hold up to scrutiny. In Heavy Object , war has been forever changed by the invention of "Objects". Just one of these giant mechanical weapons has more firepower than an entire traditional army and nowadays wars are only fought using these mechas. Desperate to prove themselves, improve their military rankings, and stay alive, these soldiers will never give up the fight. Extensive mecha battles, humorous characters, and an intriguing military-centric plotline.   If you haven't checked out part 1 or part 2 of my other Awesome Anime You May Have Missed, please do! Tell me in the comments below which of these obscure anime you loved, liked or hated and which shows you'd recommend to fellow fans!

Baccano! Anime Available on Hulu For a Limited Time - Featured

FUNimation announced today that all 16 English dubbed episodes of the pulp fiction-inspired anime Baccano! will be available exclusively on Hulu for the entire month of October. FUNimation Entertainment also released an article that attempts to describe the many plots that converge, collide, and mix together in Baccano! in a blog post on Hulu , to try and explain the chaotic anime to newcomers. After the show is removed from Hulu, FUNimation plans to release a complete series box set on December 29. They also promised that there would be more upcoming exclusive anime deals with Hulu in the future! Source: FUNimation blog