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Bad Girls Club Alum Shannade Clermont Arrested on Wire Fraud, Identity Theft Charges

Sounds like Shannade Clermont might still be a member of the bad girls club. Clermont, formerly of the Oxygen reality series Bad Girls Club, has been arrested on charges of wire fraud, access device fraud and aggravated identity theft, authorities said Wednesday. Specifically, Clermont is accused of stealing the debit card information of a man who was found dead, and fraudulently using the information.  ...Read More...

Oxygen Renews Bad Girls Club, Orders New Doc-Comedy Series Unprotected

On the heels of its 16th season premiere, Oxygen Media has renewed its hit reality series Bad Girls Club for a 17th go-round. The network also gave the green light to new original doc-comedy series Unprotected , about a family leaving the witness protection program to start a new life. Production is already underway for both series and each is set to premiere in 2017. In the half-hour Unprotected , viewers will follow the Cantarellas, a family raising two teenagers, who ...Read More... //

"Bad Girls Club: Twisted Sisters" Premieres Tuesday March 15 at 8PM ET/PT on Oxygen

Life coach Laura Baron will work with the sisters in hopes to tame their tempers and strive to strengthen their bond with one another. //

Bad Girls Club Star Judi Jai Kicked Off Cruise For Alleged Fight!

Looks like Bad Girls Club alum Judi Jai still hasnt learned how to play nice with others.   Read More... //

"Bad Girls Club: Back for More" Premieres Tuesday, August 11 at 8PM ET/PT on Oxygen

Life coach Laura Baron helps each girl empower themselves, curb their tempers and reach their personal goals.   Read More... //

'Bad Girls Club' star Linsey 'Jade' Berardi dies at 22

Linsey Jade Berardi, who appeared on season 12 of Oxygens Bad Girls Club , has died, the network announced on Friday. Berardi was 22, and the circumstances surrounding her death are unknown at this time. We are deeply saddened by the loss of Linsey Jade Berardi, Oxygen said in a...   Read More... //

"Bad Girls Club" and "Girlfriend Confidential: LA" Drive Huge Ratings for Oxygen on Monday Night

Oxygen spins the numbers for Monday, September 10. //

'Bad Girls Club' Sneak Peek: Weaves Will Roll!

The ladies of " The Bad Girls Club: Las Vegas " could use a lesson in the art of tit for tat. On the Feb. 6 episode, Erica and Jenna come to blows. On the most recent installment of Oxygen's "The Bad Girls Club," Erica called Jenna a "basic bitch," but that was behind her back. Now, things are being brought to a new level. In this exclusive clip above from Monday's episode, Erica finds out that Jenna was drawing on her photo. "Jenna had the audacity to write on my beautiful portrait things that don't even make sense," she explains. Thus, Erica wants some payback. She removes Jenna's mattress from her room and -- with the help of a couple of other girls (and a lot of cursing) -- throws it in the pool, which is becoming quite the trend on the series, since last week, Amy's stuffed skunk wound up taking a dip in the toilet. Read More... //

'Bad Girls Club' Season 8 Preview Guide: Double Trouble in Las Vegas

The witches are back! Bad Girls Club season 8 is coming to Oxygen for fun on the strip, the Vegas strip that is. Seven brand new personalities will be tossed into a house and forced to deal with each other while vying for the title of "Top Bad Girl." //

The Girls Throw Cheyenne's Mattress in the Pool on 'Bad Girls Club' (VIDEO)

Cheyenne hasn't become besties with some of the girls in 'The Bad Girls Club' (Mon., 9PM ET on Oxygen) house, and they're ready for her to leave. So they decided that she might be more inclined to head out the door if she doesn't have anyplace to lay her head. So they decided to chuck her mattress off the balcony, drag it across the yard and throw it into the pool. Oh, and Tiara wants to make sure that everyone watching knows she did it all while wearing her bikini. Because bikinis restrict ... movement? Honestly, we're not sure why this matters, but she certainly seems to think it does. //