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‘Baskeball Wives’ Season 5 Premiere

Welcome to Season 5 of VH1's "Basketball Wives," where is only one woman actually married to a basketball player, and she's brand new. And her husband plays for the Beijing Ducks. Read More... //

'Basketball Wives' Star Owns Up To A 'Mountain Of Mistakes,' Promises 'To Be Better' (EXCLUSIVE)

It has been a dramatic year for Evelyn Lozada, the star of VH1's hit show "Basketball Wives." Between her highly publicized feud with her former best friend , Jennifer Williams, to throwing a bottle at cast-mate Kenya Bell following a heated argument, to the petition boycotting her "violent outbursts" on the show, season four has been the reality star's most intense one yet. But when Star Jones called Lozada out on Twitter and her own step-daughter started imitating the scene in which Lozada threw a bottle at Bell, the Puerto Rican reality star says it woke her up to the fact that she's not setting a good example to young girls. And after taking a good hard look in the mirror, Lozada realized it was time to change. Read More... //

'Basketball Wives': The best Season 4 fight faces

"Basketball Wives" Season 4 came to a typically catty end last night with the ladies finishing up their trip in Tahiti and reflecting on their "fractured" group of friends upon their return to Miami. There were tears, arguments and a forced confrontation between Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams. And with a lawsuit, a movie, and a boycott movement circulating in the news recently, that still hasn't prevented VH1 from signing on for another season. But, instead of adding to the loads of perfectly reasonable anti- BB Wives sentiment, let's end this season with a look at 14 of the finest fight faces. The "Basketball Wives" reunion airs on June 4. Call us psychic, but we've got a feeling it will be dramatic (and a little scary) -- because if there's one thing these ladies do best, it's arguing with each other. 5. //

Basketball Wives: This is the End, My Friend. Thank God.

Before I get into the torrential downpour of horribleness that was the season finale of Basketball Wives, let me take a hot second to give Royce some love. Aside from the incident with her father recently, Royce has been my favorite pretty much all season, focusing heavily on her career and keeping her nose out of the drama that plagued her first three years on the show. And when she did get dragged into something with the other girls, she made clear, accurate points and held her own without resorting to typical Basketball Wives-ian tomfoolery, which is why I loved her so much tonight. Rather than bow down and kissing Tami's feet like most of the other members of this cast do, Royce checked her Tahiti behavior like a real friend would do; it's become clear that certain Basketball Wives associate friendship with being a yes man and unquestioned allegiance and honestly, that's not real, tangible friendship. That's a mob mentality, a group-think, a brainwashing that belongs moreso in a George Orwell novel than a trashy VH1 reality show. Read More... //

Basketball Wives: 13 Things That Got Under My Skin

No other show that I cover for TVOvermind has put my psychology minor to use like Basketball Wives . This bunch of crackpots has abnormality and psychosis seeping from their pores, so having to write about them on a weekly basis can leave me at a loss in more than one way. A loss of faith in society, a loss of vocabulary able to describe their behavior, a loss of brain cells subjecting myself to awful behavior - I love trashy reality TV as much as the next person, but damn. Instead of trying to make heads or tails out of this group of people once again, I decided to make a list of 13 things that got under my skin about tonight's episode. You know they're awful, I know they're awful - how about a little shorthand talking about how awful they are? Read More... //

Basketball Wives: The Downfall of Western Civilization

A few days ago, Shaunie O'Neal, the high priestess of the Basketball Wives Ya-Ya Sisterhood, offered up (another) apology for the show's trip to crazy town this season. From a woman that claimed that Basketball Wives was a positive show , it was definitely an about-face, likely partially mentioned as a response to the growing criticism of the show and calm the waves of angry tweets crashing on each of the wives. Between the bullying that has been taking place over the last two seasons and the complicitness that all non-involved parties have shown, it's been an especially tumultuous time for Basketball Wives, one that could either make or break the show going forward. And before tonight's episode, I still had a modicum of hope left that the show would find its way back. It's never been the highest form of entertainment or an especially thoughtful show, but it tended to keep itself in check and things never got that bad, considering. You had the typical thrown objects and screaming matches, of course; it just never became something that you had to worry about. But Tami's behavior tonight, y'all, was so far over the line that I cannot find an analogy appropriate enough to describe it. It was the type of vile, condescending, mean-spirited mean girls type malarkey that you thought everybody left behind in junior high; drunk or not, Tami was not a good person and had no excuse for any of her behavior. Not for arguing with Kesha, not for threatening her, not for taking her purse - none of it. The hypocritical taunting (calling Kesha a childish 30-something while being 40-something and essentially playing keep away), the God complex (making her apologize before getting the purse back), the victim blaming (talking about Kesha's thin skin) were all incredibly gross and unnerving to watch. I believe that reality TV can edit a perception of a person to be different than they actually are, but you have to give them the material to do so; that wasn't a CGI Tami Roman wreaking havoc all over Tahiti. That was real live Tami Roman embarrassing herself, her children, and every black woman in America with her behavior tonight and she has only herself to blame for it. Read More.. //

Basketball Wives Season 4: Bless Her Heart

One of the things that I've noticed about Basketball Wives is that, in the right company, they're not bad people. When the show either pairs up people and doesn't have them talk trash or allows a bit more of their home life to peek through, it changes the entire complexion of the show for the better. You get to understand who some of these people are and what they're going through, as well as finally having the chance to see them cutting loose (oops) after episode upon episode of drama. It may not change your opinion completely of a particular wife, but it dulls the blinding hatred that they can tend to drum up. For example, I'm not a fan of Evelyn. Like, at all. Not even fractionally. If I were one of the wives on the show with her, one of us wouldn't make it back from the first commercial break. But every time that Basketball Wives focuses on her family, I have to say, she's a lot more tolerable. You can argue that it's sympathy for her current situation peeking through; I just enjoy having proof, actual video evidence, that Evelyn is a human being with feelings and capable of being compassionate. The image that she puts out (blame the editing all you want, girl, but...) is extremely nasty and vile, the high school mean girl all grown up, so having a tiny break from the catty comments is appreciated. Don't get me wrong, I don't think her proposal to have her brother-in-law and his wife renew their vows at her upcoming wedding makes Evelyn the patron saint of anything. Particularly on an episode where she talks a lot of junk about Jennifer and gets Tami to promise to protect her from jail, but footage like that makes her more human, less harshly drawn caricature. A sweet gesture is a sweet gesture, regardless of motivation and the rest of that person's behavior. Read More... //

Basketball Wives Season 4: Sexy 36

There are episodes of television that remind you why you started watching that particular show in the first place. Every positive thing that it does gets put on display, while the flaws are either well-masked or eliminated, making for a concentrated bit of televised awesomeness. Though you appreciate good TV any way and anytime you can get it, since a show's quality can precipitously drop at any point, they're best when pulled out during a creatively barren time in the show's run. Like it or not, sometimes you need a reminder of why you like something in the first place. Paging Basketball Wives - you need an episode like that because what you're putting out right now ain't that cute. Tonight's episode of the VH1 franchise just annoyed the pee out of me from the opening drop-in at the race track to the close out on Evelyn's trash bag  pleather catsuit at her birthday party. For one, since when did Basketball Wives turn into product placement central? I don't mind the stars doing commercials for a particular sponsor or the show putting a particular logo on screen, but the past two weeks have been obnoxious with it. Did we really need to have a Dave & Buster's commercial mid-show? Because that's what it felt like, the logo constantly getting panned to, particularly when one of the ladies remarked on what a good time they had and how fun a certain part of their night was. Doing an establishing shot and letting us know where they're at is one thing; turning the show into an infomercial is another. I don't expect Basketball Wives to be drowning in integrity and storytelling, but I do expect them to try and make me get into whatever reality they're trying to present us. The Think Like a Man screening and Dave & Buster's trip took me out of the episode and made the scripted aspect stand out that much more; effective reality TV may have producer nudging on particular set-ups and activities, but it lets its talent and personalities carry the festivities. Read More... //

Basketball Wives Season 4: Sushi Restaurant Politics

The tides are always turning on Basketball Wives and on this week's episode, Kenya bore the brunt of a karmic tsunami. The aspiring singer had been labeled as the season's weirdo and flip flopper pretty much from the jump, but she's been able to escape the wrath of the circle due to everybody else having bigger fish to fry. There's been countless Jen/Evelyn dust-ups, Kesha's first on-camera reaming, and more awkward tension than you can shake your wig at, so Kenya's mouth (specifically her laughter) have been on the backburner. Until now. Kenya has become public enemy #1 in the land of Basketball Wives , thanks to her alleged two-faced nature and recent no-comment-comment about the other girls to a Detroit radio station. And I don't know how I feel about it. Kenya may be a bit of a mess and put me in mind of Meeka Claxton with her overeagerness to become part of the circle, but nobody deserves to be ganged up on. Reality TV or not, having four people come at one person is a little unfair and it shouldn't have went down like that; it's just not fun to watch the rest of the group pile on one person. It becomes less like catty, trashy television and more like bullying from middle aged women. Basketball Wives can be one of the most entertaining reality shows out there when it's clicking and it clicks better the more evenly-matched the fights are, but lately, they've only picked on the new girls or the girls without a strong alliance to protect them. Read More... //

Basketball Wives Season 4: Oh, I Call Everybody a Bitch

Early last season, I wrote about how Twitter was to blame for a good portion of the conflict on Basketball Wives . Take a group of strong personalities, coop 'em up together for a few months of filming, and give them an unfiltered platform to express themselves, and you're bound to have at least a few good screaming matches. But tonight's episode confirmed another problem that exacerbates things. Alcohol. I know, shock and surprise, liquor makes people act stupid/reckless. But look at that hot mess of a fight between Jennifer and Evelyn tonight, taking center stage at Shaunie's birthday dinner. Granted, they'd likely have exchanged words had they been sober, but it wouldn't have gotten nearly as loud and nasty as it did if Evelyn, Evelyn's armpit necklace, and Jennifer hadn't been pounding shots before Shaunie even got there. For one, Evelyn apparently doesn't listen to herself because while she threw shade at Jennifer's speech, hers was like reading a series of (very) thinly veiled subtweets, aggravating an already tense situation. Combine that aggravation with alcohol and Evelyn's penchant for showing her ass in public, swirl it in your mouth for a minute, swallow hard, and you have...whatever this was. Read More... //