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CBS Cancels Battle Creek, Stalker and The McCarthys

The axe has come down on three more first-year shows. Following an evening's worth of cancelations and renewals (see photo gallery below), CBS has announced that Battle Creek, Stalker and The McCarthys have all been canceled. The two dramas and one sitcom were felled, naturally, by poor ratings.   Read More...   //

CBS Drops Battle Creek, Passes on Sneaky Pete Pilot

Battle Creek is no more. CBS has canceled the cop drama, from Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan and House boss David Shore after one season punctuated by disappointing ratings. The network has also decided to pass on the pilot Sneaky Pete, which counts Breaking Bad alum Bryan Cranston as a co-writer and executive producer.   Read More... //

'Battle Creek': Janet McTeer on Guziewicz's "Messed Up" Family History

The two-time Oscar nominee says her character learns what happens when "things come back and hit you in the face and you can't walk away."   Read More... //

Battle Creek 1x04 Preview

As Milt and Russ investigate a waitress's murder, they try to determine who has the best police dog. Airs Sunday March 22 on CBS.

Battle Creek 1x03 - Man's Best Friend Preview

A police dog finds heroin in a girl's backpack; Jacocks goes to Detroit for a training seminar. Airs Friday March 13 on CBS.

Josh Duhamel: 'Battle Creek,' Michigan isn't 'glamorous' but 'very American'

Zap2it: Are you surprised your new CBS Sunday show "Battle Creek" makes the title Michigan location the site of enough crimes to fuel a weekly series?Josh Duhamel: One of the things I loved about this whole idea is that it's not a glamorous city by any means, but it's a city that we can all sort of relate to in that it's very American, very blue-collar, and a lot of really interesting stories could come out of a place that doesn't necessarily have all these big glamorous crimes. It's a lot of stuff. It's the minutiae of the people and the situations that the people get in.Zap2it: After your stints on "All My Children" and "Las Vegas," what made you decide to return to series work with this show?Josh Duhamel: It was a lot of things. Having done TV before, I knew the amount of work that it took and the amount of focus over... //

Battle Creek 1x02 - Promo "Syruptitious"

A killer drowns a person in maple syrup; Detective White battles with his medical marijuana dealer. Airs Saturday March 08 on CBS.

Sony Sells Out Vince Gilligan/David Shore's 'Battle Creek' Worldwide

Broadcasters from more than 100 territories snatch up the new drama from the creators of 'Breaking Bad' and 'House M.D..'   Read More... //

'Battle Creek' Stars on Season-Long Mystery, "Troubled" Characters

Josh Duhamel and Dean Winters weigh in on what viewers will know by the end of the first 13 episodes and what will remain "an enigma."   Read More... //

Interview: 'Battle Creek' star Dean Winters on nearly killing Josh Duhamel and more

'Battle Creek' star Dean Winters discusses nearly killing Josh Duhamel, Mayhem and more in this interview with HitFix's Daniel Fienberg.  Read More... //