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Battle Creek Series Finale Review: Sympathy for the Devil

Well. That was unexpected. At the beginning of Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 13 when Milt was in his car getting teary eyedbefore his run, I did it right along with him. Again, as the two men shared their final scene before the credits rolled, there came the waterworks. What a damn shame that this fine show wasn't given the proper respect it deserved. Even so, that the hour focused mainly on the two protagonistsworked very well for a series finale and it didn't feel like we were leaving them in a bad place. Thank goodness!   Read More...   //

Battle Creek Review: It's About Time

That's what I'm talking about!!! Playing Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 11 and Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 12 back to back worked perfectly as we got the full progression of Russ' character from dinkwhistle to leading man in under two hours. It's about time. If all goes well, by the time Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 13 is done and the series is over (cue sad music), at least two of the characters we have grown to love in our short time together should get a happy ending.   Read More...   //

'Battle Creek' Recap: Russ Gets Kidnapped

This episode of Battle Creek begins with an idiot. That's right. An escaped convict was scheduled to be released from prison a few days later, and instead of waiting for his freedom, he digs a hole out of the prison and escapes on foot. He is described on as "an idiot." But is he really? We'll find out.   Read More... //

Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Stockholm

What the hell just happened? Things were going so swimmingly on Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 10 and it almost seemed as if Russ might make a positive turn in his attitude when suddenly the end rolled up. Did he actually take a few steps backwards? It sure seems like it. I guess kidnapping didn't bring Russ the second chance at new relationships I was expecting AT ALL.   Read More... //

Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Ginger Bread

It appears Russ will never change. In Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 9 Russ was still trying to best the FBI at their own game and stubbornly holding onto his mantra that he's somehow respecting Holly by not asking her out. In a move that surprises no one, I have some things to say about Russ' behavior, in addition to all of the other fun things about "Ginger Bread."   Read More...   //

'Battle Creek' Recap: A Fugitive Stays One Step Ahead

The previous episode of Battle Creek left us with a mother-son relationship on the mend, Holly possibly taking a romantic vacation with her new boyfriend, and Russ and Milt getting a little bit closer to friendship. Will "Gingerbread Man" deliver on its name and bring us something sweet? Something tells me we're in for an adventure that falls more on the side of sinister. Let's roll.   Read More... //

Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Old Wounds

After receiving the closure he needed, perhaps Danny can finally move forward with his life. The pain has to be terrible to want to do what Danny did in Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 8 ; relive the murder of your parents in such tremendous detail. Yet it's also easy to understand why you might find yourself stuck in a pattern of bad habits and regret that you tie back to such a traumatic day in your life. After 17 years of expecting not dealing with it to make a difference, it was time to face it head on, anyway.   Read More...   //

'Battle Creek' Recap: A Terrifying Trip Down Memory Lane

The unhappiest memories are the ones with the most power. This episode of Battle Creek proves that to be true, when Danny is haunted by the murders of his parents right in front of him when he was a child. Will this new obsession bring him closer with Guziewicz? Let's find out out.   Read More... //

Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Mama's Boy

Favorite. Episode. To. Date. It's been no secret how much I appreciate Dean Winters and his portrayal of Detective Russ Agnew, so bringing on Candace Bergen as his mother, Constance, for a Russ-centric hour was all good fun for this viewer! In Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 7 we discovered a little more about why Russ might be so cynical. Not only did he grow up with a con woman for a mother, but he received knock-off shoes for every birthday and she finally wound up in prison. That's tough for a guy who lives by the law.   Read More...   //

'Battle Creek' Recap: Mama Agnew Comes to Town

This episode of Battle Creek features yet another familiar face from the comedy scene, in veteran actress Candice Bergen. She's playing Agnew's con artist mom, whom he is extremely reluctant to rely on when a murder case pops up. Will she bring the giggles the same way Patton Oswalt did? Will we learn any juicy new secrets about our favorite curmudgeon in uniform? Let's find out..   Read More... //