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Battlestar Galactica's Ron Moore Answers Our Burning Questions - Featured

We've finally seen the epic final episode of Battlestar Galactica , and we're sure you have tons of burning questions about the choices made by executive producer and writer of the episode, Ron Moore. Luckily for us, Moore sat down with TVGuide.com to shed light on the finale's structural, spiritual and emotional elements. To Read More Click Here .

Tonight's TV Hot List for Friday, March 20, 2009 - Featured

* Battlestar Galactica (9 pm/ET Sci-Fi ) While many shows lose their viewership and often get yanked off the air without the benefit of a scripted finale, there are a few that retain their audiences until they get to say a proper good-bye to their fans. Closure is nice, but this is frakking Battlestar Galactica we're talking about! The bell tolls for the series after four seasons with a two-hour episode, in which Adama and Co. launch a desperate recovery mission for Hera. Keep the tissues handy. * Friday Night Lights (9 pm/ET NBC) Now that Tyra's renewed interest in bad boys has blown up in her face, she decides it's time to play nice with Landry once again. But Landry doesn't exactly welcome her back with open arms, and it's up to Tyra to prove she can be a "giver" and not just a "taker." Elsewhere, Buddy blindsides Lyla when he comes clean about problems he's having. But that surprise is nothing compared to the shocking discovery Eric makes in tonight's episode. * Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (8 pm/ET Fox) Normally, it's what you did in your past that affects your future, but that line of reasoning gets tossed out the window when people and machines habitually visit the past to change the outcome of a war that hasn't happened yet. Jesse's submarine ride in the future spells trouble for Sarah, John and Derek in the present while Cameron's future (also in the present) hangs in the balance. * Dog Whisperer (9 pm/ET National Geographic) Young and the Restless star Eileen Davidson calls upon Cesar Milan to help rehabilitate her nippy wheaten terrier, who has a habit of biting her son and frightening away all of his friends. Later, the dog guru helps a Jack Russell terrier named Elvis who gets all shook up when his owner runs the garbage disposal. * Party Down (10:30 pm/ET Starz) A promising new entry in cable sitcomville has quite the impressive pedigree. One of the creators-executive producers-writers is Rob Thomas, who was the main man behind Veronica Mars. This new series chronicles the workaday misadventures of a crew of employees at an L.A.-based catering company called Party Down, where all the workers are showbiz wannabes. Among the regulars are former Mars-tians Ryan Hansen and Ken Marino, while Veronica's TV dad, Enrico Colantoni, guest stars on the premiere. Ms. Mars herself, Kristen Bell, is slated to appear on an upcoming episode. Source here

Top Moments: A Death-Predicting Cat, President's Bad Joke, and Girl-on-Girl Desperation - Featured

Look, we don't like to criticize. But it's all we learned this week from the world of TV: Griping on Dancing with the Stars . Whining on American Idol. Sawyer teaching Jack how to lead on Lost. Why can't everyone be like Battlestar Galactica 's Admiral Adama, letting silence speak louder than words? We apologize for the nit-pickiness of this week's Top Moments, and look forward to your critiques. 11. Feintest Praise: Visiting Dublin for St. Patrick's Day, Today co-host Meredith Vieira samples a Guinness mixed with champagne and excitedly declares it "not bad." Please, you're surrounded by Irish people, representing the United States. Tell them it's brilliant! 10. Truth-in-Advertising Award: We didn't know what to believe anymore after ABC faked us out with Brothers & Sisters promos that (dishonestly) promised someone would die. But kudos to the network for staying true to their guarantee of girl-on-girl Desperate Housewives action. Now if only they'd do something about desperate ratings bait. 9. Most Devilish Reveal: Supernatural 's Alastair effectively digs his own grave by revealing that he tortured the Hell out of Big Daddy Winchester for no less than a century. Luckily, demon-blood-fed Sam is able to give Al his comeuppance. (That said, Dean's bro really scares us now.) 8. Purrrrrfect Guest Star: House 's patients often seem to have nine lives, but this week a cat figures into a medical mystery. Can the feline actually foretell death? Nope. The critter just likes the withering patients' heated blankets. 7. Hostess With the Mostest... Room for Improvement: All that graceful choreography on Dancing with the Stars only highlights host Samantha Harris' verbal gaffes. We like the blunder-full beauty, but wish she would stop giving contestants "a modiment to catch their breath" - just one of her gaffes this week. Come on, you talk for a living. 6. Most Heavenly Reunion: Ghost Whisperer fans get the moment they've waited (too long) for when a drowning Sam realizes that he's Jim, Melinda's husband. It's a rare instance when water reignites an old flame. 5. Most Sheltered Country Star: Stunned by Adam Lambert's sitar-ized version of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire," plus the aspiring Idol's black hair, eyeliner and black nail polish, guest mentor Randy Travis doesn't know what to say: "For me, I don't see men wearing nail polish that often, so it sorta caught me off guard, but Adam seems like a very nice guy and again a great singer." Get with it, man. Cash covered Nine Inch Nails years ago. Lambert's routine isn't too new - it's too 1991. 4. Best Line: Battlestar's Admiral Adama tapes a red line down the middle of a launch deck and asks his entire fleet to make a choice: Head out on a possibly suicidal mission to save a little girl, or leave for safer ships. There's no guilt or judgments, just a line. And a stunning image of a ship divided. To Read More Click Here .

Battlestar's Fifth Cylon: Finale Will Leave Fans "Spinning"

In case you haven't given our video Q&A with Kate Vernon a watch already, here it is again, timed to this week's series finale of Sci Fi Channel's Battlestar Galactica . After recapping for us how she came to learn that Ellen Tigh is the fifth Cylon, Vernon weighs in on the impact of that choice. Compared to making Gaeta or Dualla the missing link, she says the Ellen reveal "gave them a lot to play with." Vernon goes on to tease the big finale, saying, "I wouldn't have thought of this ending in any lifetime. ... It will forever leave fans, in their imagination, spinning their own stories." Battlestar launches its final, two-hour mission tonight at 9 pm/ET. To Read More Click Here .

Battlestar Galactica Series Finale DVR Alert - Featured

Just announced from Syfy...Tonight's series finale of Battlestar Galactica is 2 hours and 11 minutes. Be sure to set your DVRs for the whole time or you will miss out on the truth and be yelling "Frak!" at the top of your lungs. Actually, they are replaying the finale at 11pm so you do have a second shot at witnessing the truth tonight. Source....

BSG Finale News: An Interview with Saul & Ellen Tigh; Finale Early Screening in NYC - Featured

On Battlestar Galactica , couple Saul and Ellen Tigh manage their troubles, which range from garden-variety marital discord to hitting the bottle. Often. So with the acclaimed Syfy drama coming to an end Friday, the Canadian actors who portray the Tighs, Michael Hogan and Kate Vernon, took coping cues from their small-screen alter egos. Over cigarettes and pale ale Monday night at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, Hogan said the pair was - to use the show's favorite curse word - pretty "frakked up" about it. "I don't know if I'll ever be able to growl 'gods damnit' ever again," he said. Read all about Saul and Ellen Tigh Say Goodbye NYC FINALE: ATTENDEES TAKE OATH, NO LEAKING A very small audience in New York -about a hundred people- saw the final cut of the two-hour season finale of Battlestar Galactica on Monday (3/16)evening. The episode had been flown on the red eye from Los Angeles the previous evening. Mark Stern, the executive VP in charge of original programming for the network that we now apparently are supposed to call Syfy , said he had not even seen it; this would probably be the only screening before the show aired, he said. An NDA and an oral pledge by the audience prevents these attendees, nearly all of them media, many from trade publications, from describing the episode in any way. The pledge was conducted by creator Ron Moore, who made each attendee at the New York Times' Times Center raise his right hand and repeat: "I swear not to reveal any of the spoilers I see tonight." Read the entire article here for more Q&A with Ronad D. Moore.

Watch a sneak peek of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Season Finale ''Daybreak'' Part 2

See The Season Finale Sneak Peek of Battlestar Galatica HERE . Source here

Battlestar Galactica Retrospective Thrills Fans at United Nations

Standing in a United Nations chamber before a table covered in placards for each of the 12 Battlestar Galactica colonies, Edward James Olmos delivered a stirring speech that led a crowd of reporters and students to join in a chant of "So say we all," one of the key phrases from the show. It could have been a stirring moment in the series finale - but the moment was real. Olmos, along with costar Mary McDonnell and executive producers Ron Moore and Dave Eick, spoke at the U.N. Tuesday about issues on the show that also face the organization, including racism, human rights, terrorism, children and armed conflict, reconciliation and more. The View cohost Whoopi Goldberg moderated the event, which included speeches by three special guests from the U.N. and questions from an eager and engaged audience. It was hard not to feel the fan love in the room - including from Goldberg herself. "It's such an honor to be here at the U.N., and to be here with a show that I believe is probably one of the best-written shows on television - on a station that I love and adore and watch all the time." One goal was to encourage about 100 high school students who attended from schools around New York City to find solutions to pressing global issues. Olmos applauded the students and urged their generation to reject the idea of race. "You're a hundred champions right now who are going to go out and understand this - the adults in this room will never understand it - they'll never be able to stop using the word 'race' as a cultural determinate. "There is no such thing as the Latino race," he added. "There is only one race, and that's what the show brought out - that's the human race." So say we all. Battlestar Galactica's two-hour finale airs on Friday at 9 pm/ET. Source here

At the Sci Fi Upfronts: Battlestar Finale, New Shows - Featured

Sci-Fi chose their upfront event to screen the much-anticipated finale of their hit series Battlestar Galactica , introduce new shows and formally reveal their new name, SyFy. Here are some of the highlights of the evening: Battlestar Galactica The evening began with the screening of the two-hour Galactica finale, "Daybreak - Part 2." Executive producer Ron Moore made reporters and critics raise their right hands and promise not to reveal any spoilers until it airs on Friday (10 pm/ET). We will abide by this promise, but say the show's bow is stunning, action-packed and quite emotional. Ghost Hunters Jason and Grant were good enough to name their "can't miss" episodes for TVGuide.com this season. They feature the creepy, old, abandoned Essex County Hospital and a Titanic exhibit with some reported spooky activity at the Georgia Aquarium. To raise the stakes - and the hairs on the back of your neck - the network is airing the Titanic episode on the anniversary of the ship's demise, April 15. We also couldn't resist asking if the boys minded being spoofed last year by Supernatural, and if they would be up for a cameo on the show. "We don't take ourselves seriously," said Grant. Jason echoed the sentiment, saying, "We'd love to... we think those guys are great and we'd love to meet them!" Stargate Universe Robert Carlyle told TVGuide.com that the network's third installment of the Stargate franchise was much darker than its predecessors, but assured us the show will have the audience hooked immediately. "There are three deaths and a suicide within the first few hours." When we asked if he thought the show's tone was influenced by the success of Battlestar Galactica, he said, "I would hope so. It's such a magnificent piece of work. ... I think [Universe] is very, very well written. ... It's certainly about survival. I think this is the point where (executive producer) Robert Cooper has said, 'We've done a lot of alien stuff, so let's concentrate on people.'" Eureka We were lucky enough to snag a few minutes with Eureka's charming leading man, Colin Ferguson, who informed us that this is the "season of love" on the series. It includes a "hot" new love interest for his character, Carter, played by Veronica Mars ' Jamie Ray Newman. It also includes the return of Henry's love, Kim Anderson (Tamlyn Tomita). Colin said that he and Jamie have "fanastic chemistry" and that their scenes were a blast to film. Previews of Caprica and Warehouse 13 Battlestar fans who may be weeping over the show's end were told that they would find solace in the intense character drama Caprica. The powers that be claimed that you will still be intrigued by Caprica "without ever having scene an episode of its sibling, Battlestar Galactica." The other new vehicle for the net is Warehouse 13, starring Eddie McClintock (Sully from Bones) and Joanne Kelly (The Dresden Files). They play two secret service agents assigned to protect a top-secret storage facility in barren South Dakota. It houses every strange artifact, mysterious relic, fantastical object and supernatural souvenir ever collected by the U.S. government. From the preview, it looks like one part X-Files, one part Moonlighting, with a dash of Eureka for effect. Source here

Week of 3/15 - Ten Things We Can't Wait For!

This week, we can't wait for: The 2 hour Kings premiere! Some will love it and some will hate it, but I'd advise you all to give the first episode of new series Kings, Goliath, a shot. It stars the incomparable Ian McShane and is definitely different from everything else currently on TV. Series finale of Kyle XY ! It isn't so much excitement I feel that this ABC Family series will be prematurely concluding, but I couldn't not include it in a list of the week's highlights. Will the series answer all of the lingering questions? Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill return to The CW ! It has been well over a month and we have been missing our favorite Upper East Siders and Tree Hill residents. Both series finally return this week with new episodes; look for the return of Leighton Meester's real life boyfriend Sebastian Stan (also now appearing in Kings) to reappear on Gossip Girl. Judy Greer on House ! I haven't been watching House regularly this season, but I might just tune in to catch guest star Judy Greer and a premise involving...a magical cat that can predict disease a death. Not a joke. Watch preview Scrubs returns with new episodes! I have to tell you, I can't quite understand what ABC has been doing with Scrubs. They went to all of the trouble to buy it, only to air a bunch of episodes in a clump and then show reruns for weeks. Needless to say, a new episode is finally back this week on a new night...Wednesday! Better Off Ted debuts on ABC! Another day, another new show premiere! Is Better Off Ted going to be ABC's answer to NBC's quirky work comedy duo of The Office and 30 Rock ? Judging by the previews, looks like Ted could be hilarious...or downright terrible. I'm curious to find out, and either way, it's nice to see frequent guest star Jay Harrington ( Private Practice ) get a shot at his own show. Barack Obama on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno ! Yeah, you read right. President Obama will be appearing as a guest on Thursday night's Tonight Show on NBC. This will be the first time ever that a current president has appeared as a guest on a late night program. Premiere of Party Down on Starz! From the creator of Veronica Mars , this is sure to be the show that puts Starz on the map as a provider of original programming. It's a winning premise: struggling actors form a catering company to pay the bills. It also has a winning cast, including guest appearances by multiple Mars alums. Premiere is already on starz.com if you can't wait! Episode 6 of Dollhouse ! It's the one we've been waiting for! Joss Whedon swears it. So does series star Eliza Dusku. If you've made it this far and haven't given up on Dollhouse yet, it only gets better from here...! Series finale of Battlestar Galactica ! I can't believe that the time has already come. Let's hope that this one goes out more like Six Feet Under (my personal favorite-ever series finale) than The L Word . What are you most excited for?