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'Battlestar's' Jamie Bamber Nabs TNT Role, 'Caprica' Vet Invades 'Alphas' & Intel on 'Blood and Chrome'

Two veterans of the 'Battlestar Galactica' universe have landed upcoming guest roles on very different shows. Jamie Bamber, who played Lee "Apollo" Adama on 'Battlestar Galactica' and went on to appear in 'Law & Order: UK,' will have a recurring role on the new TNT series 'Perception,' which stars Eric McCormack as Dr. Daniel Pierce, an odd neuroscience professor who helps the FBI crack cases. Bamber will guest at least twice on 'Perception' as a new professor who catches the eye of Kate Moretti (Rachel Leigh Cook), Pierce's FBI handler and former student. 'Perception,' which also stars Kelly Rowan and Arjay Smith, premieres in the summer of 2012. And no doubt Bamber fans are aware that Bamber was also recently cast in a guest role on 'CSI: Miami.' (More nerd-bait casting: 'Star Trek' actor LeVar Burton will recur as a dean at Pierce's university.) Another veteran of the 'BSG' universe, 'Caprica' actor John Pyper-Ferguson, will have a key role in the season finale of Syfy's 'Alphas,' a drama about people with extraordinary abilities. //www.aoltv.com/2011/08/22/battlestar-jamie-bamber-caprica-blood-and-chrome/

Battlestar Galactica's Jamie Bamber to Go Storm-Chasing on CSI: Miami

Battlestar Galactica 's Apollo is trading in his flight jacket for rainy days. Jamie Bamber has signed to guest-star on CSI: Miami , TVGuide.com has learned exclusively. He'll play Robbie, one half of a... //www.tvguide.com/News/CSI-Miami-Jamie-Bamber-1036283.aspx?rss=breakingnews

Jamie Bamber Talks 'Battlestar Galactica,' 'Outcasts' and 'Law & Order: UK'

It should be clear by now that I just can't quit 'Battlestar Galactica.' On July 11, BBC America began re-airing the acclaimed Syfy series, and there's still time to get on board. The entire four-hour miniseries that kicks off 'Battlestar' airs starting at 5PM ET Saturday, so if you've never seen this thought-provoking drama, now's your chance. Last week, I talked to 'The Closer' and 'Battlestar' actress Mary McDonnell about working on the Syfy show, and I also recently chatted with Jamie Bamber, another member of the 'Battlestar' cast who also appears in 'Outcasts,' a sci-fi drama that debuts on BBC America 9PM ET Saturday. //www.aoltv.com/2011/06/17/jamie-bamber-talks-battlestar-galactica-outcasts-and-law-and/

'Gilmore Girls' and 4 more shows that never got Emmy love

As we have some fun speculating on what shows, actors and writers are going to be nominated for Emmys this year, let's take a second to remember some shows that, for one reason or another, never got the love they deserved from the academy voters. These are shows that have been widely, even universally, praised by critics and have loyal, almost slavish followings, but never made a dent in any of the major Emmy categories.There are some surprises on this list, one of which is actually an Emmy nominee and winner many times over ... but still feels like it's gotten no love."The Wire": To many critics and fans, the HBO classic is considered one of the best dramas of all time. The gritty portrayal of the life of both cops and drug culture in Baltimore gathered up so much praise in its five seasons that you'd think it would have a boatload of Emmys.... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2011/06/gilmore-girls-and-4-more-shows-that-never-got-emmy-love.html

Mary McDonnell Talks 'The Closer,' 'Major Crimes' and the 'Return' of 'Battlestar Galactica'

Mary McDonnell has a full agenda these days: The actress has been recurring on 'The Closer' for a couple of seasons, and she'll be a series regular when the TNT drama returns July 11. That job will keep her busy well into next year: The network recently announced that, after Kyra Sedgwick ends her run on 'The Closer' in 2012, McDonnell's Sharon Raydar character will be the lead of a spinoff titled 'Major Crimes.' Though McDonnell was eager to talk about those new developments in a recent interview, it was actually a past project that prompted the conversation in the first place. McDonnell played Laura Roslin on 'Battlestar Galactica' for four seasons, and when she heard that BBC America was going to start re-airing the entire series starting 10PM ET June 11, she was happy to promote the "return" of the groundbreaking drama. "I think it's perfect timing," McDonnell said. "'Battlestar' is so rich and relevant that one time through is not enough." //www.aoltv.com/2011/06/09/mary-mcdonnell-closer-major-crimes-battlestar-galactica/

'Battlestar Galactica' to rerun on BBC America

Fans of the 2004-2009 reimagined "Battlestar Galactica" rejoice: the series is coming back to TV, this time on BBC America. The cable network plans to air all 80 hours of the saga, including the two-part miniseries, according to the Hollywood Reporter."Battlestar" will join BBC America's "Supernatural Saturday" lineup along with "Primeval," "Outcasts," "Bedlam," "Dr. Who" and "Being Human."And there may be new material added to the "Battlestar" saga soon -- a new spinoff, "Blood and Chrome," is reportedly in development.The series is set to begin re-airing on BBC America on June 18 at 7 p.m. ET.... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2011/04/battlestar-galactica-to-rerun-on-bbc-america.html

Battlestar Galactica's Jamie Bamber, Ron Moore to Reunite on NBC

Battlestar Galactica alum JamieBamber will reunite with Ron Moore in NBC's 17th Precinct , according to TVLine.com. Executive-produced by Moore, the series is a supernatural police drama set in the fictional town of Excelsior. Bamber will star opposite the recently cast Stockard Channing as... //www.tvguide.com/News/Jamie-Bamber-NBC-1029528.aspx?rss=breakingnews

'Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome': U.K. 'Skins' star Luke Pasqualino is young Adama

Syfy has found the actor to play a young William Adama in its upcoming movie/back-door pilot "Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome."He is Luke Pasqualino, a British actor who starred in the U.K. version of "Skins" for two seasons, EW reports. The show has also cast Ben Cotton ("Hellcats," "Harper's Island") as Adama's commanding officer."Blood & Chrome" is set in the 10th year of the first Cylon war, between the events of "Caprica" and those of "Battlestar Galactica"; Adama is a young fighter pilot who's just been assigned to Galactica, the newest battlestar in the fleet. His commander is Coker (Cotton), who's nearing the end of his tour of duty and doesn't take too well to his new recruit at first.Cotton, incidentally, guest-starred on a couple episodes of "Caprica" last fall, but he played a different character."Blood & Chrome" will also have a central female character; that role has yet to be cast. The two-hour movie... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2011/01/battlestar-galactica-blood-chrome-uk-skins-star-luke-pasqualino-is-young-adama.html

Casting 'Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome'

Casting the role of a young William Adama is no easy task, so let's help Syfy out. The casting notices for the new 'Battlestar Galactica' prequel series, 'Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome' has gone out and there are three main characters in need of actors. Besides the 20-something, cocky, yet inexperienced Adama, TV Guide reports the series is casting one male and one female lead. It's the 10th year of the Cylon war and Adama's risky behavior leads to conflict with Electronic Countermeasures Officer, Coker Fasjovik. Coker Fasjovik is in his late 20s/mid-30s and "is weary after a long mission serving on Adama's first ship, a less-than-impressive Raptor called the Weasel."  The female lead, Beka, appears to have a nefarious plan; Coker Fasjovik suspects her, but Adama is on her side. So, who can tackle these roles? Let's dish. //www.tvsquad.com/2011/01/08/casting-battlestar-galactica-blood-and-chrome/

SyFy's New Battlestar Galactica Prequel Searches for Lead Roles

SyFy's new Battlestar Galactica prequel pilot, Blood & Chrome, has begun casting its three lead characters — roles that shed light on what this new show is about. The series is set in the tenth year of the first Cylon war and centers around hotshot rookie pilot William Adama (played by Edward James Olmos in the 2004-09 series) as he is assigned to Galactica, the Colonial fleet's newest battlestar. Adama will be in his early-to-mid 20s, and is described as Tom Cruise's character in Top Gun — a cocky and fearless jock. His experience as a fighter pilot thus far has been limited to simulations, but he can't wait to duke it out with the Cylons. His over-enthusiasm and risky maneuvers cause him to butt heads with the more experienced and cynical Electronic Countermeasures Officer, Coker Fasjovik. To Read More Click Here.