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'Beat Bobby Flay' sneak peek: What did you think?

Bobby Flay's latest Food Network outing has arrived, but did you enjoy it? "Beat Bobby Flay" is a pretty easy show to understand, it's all in the title. Two rival chefs face off against each other in a culinary battle for the right to cook against Flay.Cooking against Bobby Flay? That already happens on a few shows, right? It seems like "Beat Bobby Flay" is going to be quite a bit looser than "Iron Chef America," so more of Flay's personality will get to shine through. Besides, like he says, "This is my arena." He gets to pick the secret ingredient in the cook-off to determine who faces him. However, the chef that gets the win takes the driver seat then. They pick the dish to be cooked.After catching the sneak peek at the series Monday night (March 3), will you continue to tune in when the show premieres in it's normal time slot, Thursday... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2014/03/beat-bobby-flay-sneak-peek-what-did-you-think.html