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Being Human Review: Dying Human

Anna Fricke can write a series finale, can't she? After the last two Ramona-centric episodes, I admit to being fearful that  Being Human Season 4 Episode 13  wouldn't give viewers the satisfaction they desired -- no,  needed  -- after four seasons of being entrenched in the lives of Aidan, Sally, Josh and Nora.  There was nothing to worry about, as Fricke's wrap-up was executed beautifully and, if social media reaction is any indication outside of my own house, the waterworks were flowing as soon as five minutes after the hour began. It was an emotional, heart-tugging and worthwhile ending (and beginning) to the experiment Aidan and Josh set out to achieve - being human. Read more:  //


After four seasons, Syfy's Being Human has come to an end. It's sad to see it go, but they planned for the final season and ended it on their own terms. If a television show is going to wrap up, that's the ideal exit strategy. And wow, what an ending. Over the years, we've watched a ghost, a werewolf, and a vampire wrestle with being like the rest of us. They've had varying degrees of success and encountered plenty of hurdles. Their efforts have ranged from serious to tragic to amusing, and the finale touched on a little of everything. It was like a cake made with only the essential ingredients and then topped with icing (the good cream cheese kind, not that overly sugary crap) and served to fans on a fancy dish. Read More... //

Being Human 4.13 Review: “There Goes The Neighborhood Part III”

Saying goodbye isn’t easy, especially on  Being Human . “There Goes The Neighborhood Part III” was hell bent on making that clear. I’ve grappled with how to write this final review for a show that I’ve been with for four years, a show that’s truly been very close to my heart. We watch television for different reasons but mainly to escape… and connect. We see ourselves in these characters. They say things we cannot, sometimes do the things we have. The connection is perhaps not always literal or direct, but through them we live, grow and learn. Being Human  came into my life at a weird time. I was just beginning to experience my adulthood and independence. To be in reach of my aspirations. But after a sudden turn of events and a psychological diagnosis I felt like I had lost it all. As if I had literally been split in two. There was the person that I knew and was. Then there was the person that I had become. I feared this new person and as a result (I thought I) couldn’t control them. The prognosis left me with the reality that everyday for the rest of my life I was going to have to fight to not be this version of myself. Read More... //

Being Human Review: Evil Personified

There are a lot of problems with  Being Human Season 4 Episode 12 . "What about me? What about me? What about me?" says Ramona like a mantra. Here's the thing, nobody cares about you Ramona, no matter who or what you are. There are two (now one) episodes left of the series. Utilizing the annoying character to end out the series is a horrible waste of all of the other wonderful, badass characters that have come before her. She's supposed to be the personification of the house and the evil within it. I don't buy that the love of these four friends wouldn't have cast out the little bitch a long time ago, before anyone even knew she was a blip on the radar of the universe. Read more:  //

Being Human 4.12 Review: “House Hunting”

In the second to last episode of  Being Human   the roommates saw a lot of action. The series has a trademark pacing and tone that it’s played with all season. House Hunting was perhaps its biggest shift, but in the best of ways. The episode begins with Aidan trying to talk Kenny into leaving Boston. It’s like watching a ticking time bomb though because we know that Kenny knows. So while Aidan tries to console him about his dead girlfriend, we’re mostly just wondering when the young vampire is going to snap. When Aidan arrives back at the house, Ramona has joined the moving party. Or she’s trying to. She’s beginning to give everyone weird vibes, but that aside they really  can’t  stay. To ease Sally’s mind, Aidan promises to help the young ghost get closure. However, when Sally goes to tell Ramona about the plan she’s not there anymore. It’s weird, but everyone takes it as a cue to pack it up, and so they break off to grab their things. Read More... //

Being Human Review: Seeing Red

There were some great moments and some head scratchers in  Being Human Season 4 Episode 11 . It's starting to feel like the pieces are being thrown together as soon as possible because they know the end is near. While  Being Human Season 4 Episode 8  and  Being Human Season 4 Episode 9  hit all of the right notes and in the right tone, this one felt rushed. That's not to say there weren't some great moments or forward movement that felt justified. The were just snuggled in with some less desirable bits. Read more:  //

Being Human 4.11 Review: “Ramona and the Pest”

If each  Being Human  episode had its own nickname, this week’s “Ramona and the Pest” would definitely be “The Game Changer.” The show is always throwing in a curveball (or two) at its viewers, but what this week offered up — especially in its final moments — probably made your head and heart spin. For the first time in the series we meet Sally’s father. He arrives with news that the house has been sold, telling the roommates that they have until the end of the week to turn in their keys and be completely out. It felt safe to assume that this storyline died with Robbie, but it seems that the show’s shelf life is tightly linked to the characters presence in the house. We also get to meet Ramona, the girl Sally saw murdered in the house way back at the start of the season. We learn that she has been trapped in that room since her death. As our roommates talk with her more they discover she has a twin, a revelation Sally latches on to. Ramona’s predicament as her cue to start working on getting her door again, but Ramona seems to have plans of her own for the housemates. Read More... //

Being Human Review: A Whole Lotta Crazy

Wow. It's really becoming obvious that they're plowing toward an ending, as events on  Being Human Season 4 Episode 10  were flat out  crazy!! I'm finding it difficult to watch my friends speed toward the finale. Yes, they've become pals over the years as well-developed characters do. As whacked out as circumstances are becoming, everybody is remaining true to themselves and that's a relief. In pretty much every instance in which the gang has had dealings outside their immediate flat mates and within their own subspecies, things have gone wrong. Read more:  //

Being Human 4.10 Review: “Don’t You Die For Me”

At this point reviewing  Being Human  should only require that I turn in keyboard smash. Or the repetitive use of exclamatory internet acronyms. With the series finale now only 3 weeks away I can’t help but wonder if this show has any intention of us getting there. The pacing, action, and emotion each week isn’t just getting better, it keeps increasing in rate and intensity. (How though? How does it do this? Is there no limit? I thought there was a limit.) While this week was a little less heavy, it remained dramatically spirited. This show truly knows just how much to push in any direction without going too far. “Don’t You Die For Me” picks up for Aidan, Josh, and Nora exactly where “Gallows Humor” left off. Aidan and Suzanna are now in a weird relationship not relationship of maybe forgiveness. Their first move as a reunited couple is pretty telling about whether their reunion will be a success. Suzanna makes Aidan promise to help stop Kenny from growing the Boston nest. To do that, he must kill his own son. Nora is on her way out of the house, but she bumps into Josh for a moment before snagging some girl time with Sally. I’ve said this before, but there was never enough shared screentime between just these two over the years. It’s wonderful to see the show heartily making up for it this season. Meanwhile, Josh is juggling avoiding Nora with becoming the wolf pack’s new alpha. Read More... //

Being Human Review: There's No Place Like Home

All that was missing were the ruby slippers and the clicking of the heels. On  Being Human Season 4 Episode 9 , Sally continued to see how devastating her decision to inhabit her body and change the course of history was; not only for her but for those she loved. Stepping in for Glinda was Donna, who wasn't so bad the second time around. While the majority of what happened as a result of Sally's impulsive attempt to change her future turned out to be far less than she expected, there was quite a bit that went well the second time around. Sally acted upon the love she felt for Aidan, something she had been hiding a lot longer than she cared to admit. In the past, the timing was all wrong because it came about before the friendship between Sally, Aidan and Josh was cemented leaving Josh alone and without hope. Read More... //