Review of Being Human

60 minutes

Life is among the living is tough enough, but imagine a household comprised of a 120-year-old vampire, a highly intelligent werewolf, and an agoraphobic ghost who died under mysterious circumstances. This unlikely contemporary drama is a slice of life as seen through the perspective of the supernatural.
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by cLoUless
Sep 15, 2015 6:17AM EDT

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An unlikely menage à troi: three supernatural beings under one roof. The vampire driven to drink blood and kill, the werewolf afraid of hurting or killing innocent humans and the ghost dealing with her own death/murder - and all three trying to help each other to cope with their thursts and fears. A well enough made show with everything you might exepect from a typical british show. It keeps you attracted and hooked at least till the end of season 3. The exchanged set of characters from season 4 till the end is not as fetching as the original cast, but still good enough. One more thing that made me like this show was the music - there is a great selection of songs from two centuries.


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