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Believe Is Turning Bo Into A Creepy Child

The superpowered child trope often goes hand-in-hand with creepy children: think the Midwich Cuckoos, Damien, Samara. In spite of Believe's best efforts to convince us that psychic Bo is all sweetness and light, she is veering into creepy child territory—and it actually makes her a bit more interesting.  Read More... //


At long last, Believe changes up its formula. Combining the ongoing mythology storyline with the subplot of Bo’s desire to help a couple proves to be a great decision, as both threads coalesce into something that’s greater than the sum of its parts. The episode still has its shortcomings, but it’s the best installment to date. The episode opens with blogger and New York Times contributor Ben getting a mysterious phone call leaking him information about Skouras’ Project Orchestra. With his life, and that of his pregnant wife, put into danger, Bo and Tate arrive just in time to help the couple while furthering the ongoing plot of the series. It’s the blending of these threads that helps makes this episode so successful, as it does away with the feeling of the case-of-the-week being shoehorned in. Read More... //

Believe Needs To Quit It With The Happy Endings

Believe is a show built on quick, uplifting stories. Bo comes in, solves everyone's problems with her various superpowers and then moves on. But the show would actually be much better if it didn't insist ending each episode with a tidy and expected happily ever after.   Read More...   //

TV Review: Believe

Reviewed by Darren Franich | B-....   Read More... //,,20796191,00.html


It’s starting to feel like every new episode of Believe is a carbon copy of the last, with only the case-of-the-week offering an element of change. In “Defection” – which should tell you what the episode holds for Winter and his team – Tate and Bo continue to dodge the FBI and Skouras while helping reunite star-crossed lovers. The subplot is the best part of this episode for sure. It’s effectively told, presenting two instantly likable characters with a sympathetic plight. While reconnecting the long-lost lovers is romantic and fun, it holds a far more important purpose that past subplots have failed to capitalize on. It helps develop the relationship between Tate and Bo, and maybe more importantly, Tate as a character.  Read More... //


After a very disappointing second episode, Believe bounces back a bit in its third offering. “Origin” answers some necessary questions that have been previously unaddressed while once again sending Bo and Tate on the run from the law and helping a stranger in need. It’s these flashbacks that provide a whole lot of helpful context to the ongoing plot, giving us a glimpse at Bo’s mother, how Skouras recruited her to weaponize her abilities, and most importantly, just why Winter cares so much about Bo. While we don’t quite get to see why Winter “trusts” Nina so much, this episode does give us a genuinely chilling moment in which Nina prophesizes Bo and Tate on the run nearly ten years later. This simple scene legitimizes Winter’s belief in his increasingly dangerous mission to protect this girl, and the fact that his team in the present acknowledges how dangerous everything has become is a welcome touch. Read More... //


In its second episode, Believe more or less follows the exact same structure as its pilot: Tate and Bo run from Skouras’ mercenary goon, help a stranger along the way, and Tate showcases how unprepared he is to take care of Bo. This is a huge problem, as it adds nothing new to the characters or their situation that we didn’t get in the pilot. Tate in particular is still a huge jerk, and every opportunity that’s presented to him to change that, he just becomes more  a jerk. It’s clear they’re playing a long game with Tate’s affection for Bo, but when one half of the show’s leads are despicable, it makes it hard to invest. Read More... //

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