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'Big Bang Theory': 'Bent' Star Will Cause a Tension Between Leonard and Penny

Margo Harshman is cast as Sheldon's new assistant Alex, who may make Penny jealous since she quickly hits it off with Leonard. //

‘Are You There Chelsea?’, ‘Awake’, ‘Bent’, ‘Best Friends Forever’ and ‘Harry’s Law’ Cancelled by NBC

Amid the flurry of renewals and cancellation  announced earlier in the week  by all of the major networks, NBC quietly passed out a handful of pink slips to some of their current programming. The casualties include the sitcoms  Are You There Chelsea ?  that starred Laura Prepon in the adaptation of the Chelsea  Handler book;  Bent , the overlooked comedy that starred Amanda Peet and David Walton and  Best Friends Forever , the little-seen laugher that starred Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair. [Source:  TV Line ] Read More... //  

Bent (NBC) “Tile Date” Episode 6 (Season Finale)

Bent  "Mom; Tile Date" Episode 5 & 6 airs Wednesday, April 4 on NBC (9:00 – 10:00 p.m. ET). Episode Synopsis : Tile Date – While on a romantic getaway to Napa with her boyfriend Ben (guest star Matt Letscher), Alex (Amanda Peet) experiences a romantic dream involving Pete (David Walton) that causes her to question her true feelings. Meanwhile, Alex’s new neighbor Dan (guest star Kyle Bornheimer), fed up with the crew’s antics and destructive behavior, threatens legal action. Elsewhere, Walt (Jeffrey Tambor) prepares for opening night of his latest theatre production and Gary (guest star Jesse Plemons) professes his feelings for Screwsie (Margo Harshman). Joey King also stars. Read More... //  

Bent (NBC) “Mom'' Episode 5

Bent  "Mom; Tile Date" Episode 5 & 6 airs Wednesday, April 4 on NBC (9:00 – 10:00 p.m. ET). Episode Synopsis : Mom – When Pete’s mom Vanessa (guest star Marcia Gay Harden) returns to town, Walt (Jeffrey Tambor) is determined to win back  his ex-wife at any cost. Meanwhile, following Pete’s (David Walton) no-show at work, Alex (Amanda Peet) worries he may have succumbed to old habits. Elsewhere, Screwsie (Margo Harshman) entrusts the care of her  boss ’s less-than-friendly cat to Gary (guest star Jesse Plemons), who has alterior motives for his helpful ways. Joey King also stars. Read More... //  

TV ratings: 'American Idol' up, 'Survivor,' 'Bent,' 'One Tree Hill' fall a bit

Fast National ratings for Wednesday, March 28, 2012FOX's "American Idol" was up a bit this week in both hours, winning the night for most viewers and the 18-49 demographic. CBS' "Survivor: One World" fell some this week, as did The CW's "One Tree Hill." The CW's "America's Next Top Model: British Invasion" got a small bump in ratings, while NBC's "Bent" fell to 2.5 million viewers.FOX averaged 17.15 million viewers with a 10.2 rating/17 share in households for the night. CBS came in a more distant second at 8.3 million, 5.2/9. Third place went to ABC with 4.3 million, 2.9/5, fourth was NBC with 3.14 million, 2.1/3, and The CW at 1.34 million, 0.9/2.In the adults 18-49 demographic, FOX won with a 5.0 rating, followed by CBS more distantly (2.1), then ABC (1.3), NBC (1.0) and the CW (0.6).... //

Bent (NBC) “HD; A-Game” Episode 3 & 4

Bent  "HD; A-Game" Episode 3 & 4 airs Wednesday, March 28 on NBC (9:00 – 10:00 p.m. ET). Episode Synopsis : HD – When Pete (David Walton) and the crew spot Ben (Matt  Letscher) in a precarious situation  with another woman, Pete is determined to expose Ben’s transgression to Alex (Amanda Peet). Meanwhile, Walt (Jeffrey Tambor) and Screwsie (Margo Harshman) help Charlie (Joey King) get back  at a school bully. Read More... //  

NBC Needs to Get Bent

Seriously, what the headline says. Because the powers-that-be clearly don't get how delightful this new rom-com is, or they wouldn't be burning off all six episodes with three weeks of back-to-back airings. Much like last season's Perfect Couples (ironically also from executive producer Tad Quill and co-starring David Walton ), Bent has a charm that is seemingly lost on the network happier with things like...  //

'Bent's' Amanda Peet calls David Walton 'George Clooney mixed with Matt Dillon'

So many actors say they knew from an early age that they belonged onstage. But Amanda Peet actually hurled herself onto one -- while a production was in progress -- when she was 3."Luckily it was a children's play," says Peet, who stars in NBC's "Bent," premiering Wednesday, March 21.In the sitcom, Peet plays Alex, a recently divorced mom whose ex is imprisoned for securities fraud. She's renovating a house and hires Pete (David Walton) as her contractor. He's a surfer dude who likes recreational drugs and casual flings. Women find him irresistible.Peet understands why."He should be a movie star," Peet says. "That he is not is astounding to me. I don't think there is anyone like him. He is George Clooney mixed with Matt Dillon. He is stone-y, quick-witted. He's weird, he's not like anyone else."She also relates to Alex as a mom, as she reassures a child on her cellphone.It's clear from the... //

'Bent's' Jeffrey Tambor: 'I like characters that are difficult'

Jeffrey Tambor has played two of the most celebrated (and likely loathed) characters in recent TV history. He starred as Hank Kingsley, the self-absorbed sidekick on "The Larry Sanders Show" and then as George Bluth, the patriarch on the revered comedy "Arrested Development." And Tambor can't wait to give his dry comic acting style another go on the new NBC series "Bent."Tambor plays Walt, a struggling actor who is divorced and living with his son, a contractor, played by David Walton. Of course it wouldn't be a Tambor role if there weren't a few tones of extreme narcissism. In this case Walt believes himself to be a ladies man, even if he really isn't."[Walt] thinks he's a lothario. He thinks he's hot. And he's constantly flirting and constantly on the make," Tabmor says. "I think he thinks he looks like Robert Redford. I like characters like that. I like characters that are difficult. I like... //

Amanda Peet Takes a Comedic Turn With Bent and Has Game of Thrones Envy

Let's face it, Amanda Peet is kind of awesome. Not only is she beautiful, she's starring in the likable new sitcom Bent (premiering tonight on NBC with back-to-back episodes at 9/8c and 9:30/8:30c), about a single mom whose home — and heart — is turned upside down by a charismatic contractor ( David Walton ). What's more, she's married to Game of Thrones exec producer David Benioff . Is it any wonder we're bent on talking to her? //