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Having Sex With Food on 'Bethenny Getting Married' (VIDEO)

Wow. Being pregnant apparently makes you kind of hungry. This current season of 'Bethenny Getting Married' is over. But on the latest episode (Thu., 10PM ET on Bravo) we get some "behind the scenes" footage. And through that, we learn just how passionate a very pregnant Bethenny Franklel can be about food. Beth eats some fancy doughnuts while hanging out with event planner Shawn. And here are a few things that she says while eating dessert: 1) "Kill yourself. Kill ... yourself." (By the way, it makes no sense that she says this, but whatever.) 2) "It's like sex." (That is -- eating doughnuts is apparently like having sex. Okay then, Bethenny.) 3) "If I were you, I would stick my penis right in the middle." (This being Beth's expression of pleasure at eating doughnuts, and her recommendation to Shawn at what he should maybe do the doughnuts.) ... All right, then. So; just to briefly recap. Beth was really hungry. And she was being a bit crazy, but we'll chalk that up to the whole pregnancy thing. Source & Video