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TV This Week: Finales & Returns (4/27 - 5/1) - Featured

We're not in full-swing finale season yet, but some shows are getting a head-start wrapping up this week, plus one of my personal fav shows makes its spring return! Here's the scoop on what finales and returns are airing this week: Monday: Chuck finale at 8/7c on NBC Heroes finale at 9/8c on NBC *Wednesday: Ghost Hunters finale at 9/8c on SciFi The Exterminators finale at 10:30/9:30c on A&E Thursday: Ugly Betty returns at 8/7c on ABC Private Practice finale at 10/9c on ABC The Millionaire Matchmaker finale at 10/9c on Bravo Friday: Wife Swap finale at 8/7c on ABC Supernanny finale at 9/8c on ABC What will you be watching? Also, don't forget to help save Chuck by buying your footlong tonight: Save Chuck Finale & Footlong Campaign !! *The Better Off Ted finale was scheduled for this Wednesday, but has now been bumped due to a speech from President Obama. It's now set to air next Tuesday, May 5th. Related Stories: Cancellation Buzz: Tweet @theWBdotcom to Save Chuck and Join the Nerd Herd! Heroes: Who Goes Down in Tonight's Finale? 'Ugly Betty' Returns a Week Earlier Preview of 'Private Practice' 2nd Season Finale Photo courtesy of

BETTER OFF TED Episode 4 "Racial Sensitivity" airing this WEDNESDAY April 8

Take a sneak peek of BETTER OFF TED Episode 4 "Racial Sensitivity" airing this WEDNESDAY April 8 (8:30-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

Ratings: American Idol Is Red Hot - Featured

Wednesday's ratings recap: * 8 pm/ET American Idol 's Motown Week kick-off averaged 25.6 million total viewers over its two-hour run, up 19 percent from last week's (Tuesday) sing-off and a 3 percent increase from the comparable night a year ago. A Survivor clip show placed a distant second with 8.15 mil. ABC's Scrubs (5.33 mil, -470K) and Better Off Ted (4.7 mil, down 16 percent) both dropped. Top Model (2.85 mil) plunged 21 percent but still beat out NBC's Chopping Block (which chopped off another 26 percent, hitting 2.6 mil). * 9 pm Criminal Minds came in second with 14 million viewers, gaining 520K week-to-week. Lost lost another 260 thou to set a new low of 8.82 mil. Life inched up a hair, to 4.32 mil. * 10 pm CSI: NY topped the hour with 12.6 million viewers, followed by Law & Order (7.25 mil, up 180K). The penultimate episode of Life on Mars (5.67 mil) gained 400 thou. Source here

BETTER OFF TED "Heroes" Sneak peek

Watch a sneak peek of BETTER OFF TED "Heroes" airing this WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25 (8:30-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

Ratings: All-Time Low Harshes Lost's Mellow - Featured

Wednesday's ratings recap: * 8 pm/ET Fox's Lie to Me led the pack with an audience of 10.03 million total viewers, down 10 percent from its week-ago time-period premiere. CBS' sitcoms combined for second, though both Old Christine (7.37 mil, down 260K) and Gary (7.57 mil, down 140K) dipped a bit. Placing third was ABC's Scrubs (5.8 mil) and lead-out Better Off Ted (which premiered to 5.64 mil). Top Model (3.6 mil) tumbled 19 percent yet still bested NBC's rotting Chopping Block (3.46 mil). * 9 pm American Idol 's results show delivered 23 million viewers, slipping 7 percent week-to-week. Criminal Minds followed with 13.5 mil, down a half mil. Lost 's numbers weren't terribly groovy, dropping 14 percent to an all-time low of 9.08 mil. (Next week, Sawyer & Co. face an even tougher hurdle: Idol's Obama-cized, two-hour performance show!) Life also took a plunge, to 4.22 mil. * 10 pm CSI: NY won the hour with 12.7 million viewers (down 800K), followed by Law & Order (7.07 mil, down 530K). Life on Mars showed some life, surging 15 percent to 5.27 mil. Source here

Tonight's TV Hot List for Wednesday, March 18, 2009 - Featured

* Better Off Ted (8:30 pm/ET ABC) Jay Harrington ( Private Practice ; Desperate Housewives ) stars in this office sitcom about a single dad who works as the head of Research and Development for a scientific company that's in need of a good moral compass. In the series premiere, Ted's boss (Portia de Rossi) tasks Ted to recruit a research scientist as the guinea pig in a cryogenic experiment. That's just cold. * Lost (9 pm/ET ABC) Okay, Sawyer, Juliet et al. have made contact with Jack, Kate et al. Now, the never-lefts have to explain to their Dharma buddies who the returnees are. Good thing Sawyer's such a good liar. Can he work the old magic two episodes in a row? Maybe we'll find out tonight. We'll also see what young Ben (Sterling Beaumon) is up to. (It's 1977, remember.) On the love front, meanwhile, how will the Sun-Jin reunion play out? And how will Kate's return affect Sawyer-Juliet? * American Idol (9 pm/ET Fox) Eleven is heaven for the remaining singers, but sadly, sometimes nice guys do finish last, as proven last week when likable Jasmine Murray and engaging Jorge Nunez faced the music and were axed. Last week also introduced an interesting new rule - the Judges' Save - in which the judges have the power to save one contestant from being eliminated. Our Top 11 are revvin', singing their way through their showcases last night and anticipating tonight's accompanying results show, in which they'll find out what America thought of those performances. * Global Warming: The New Challenge with Tom Brokaw (10 pm/ET Discovery) Tucked somewhere between the paranoia-inducing buzzwords "economic crisis" and "recession" is the phrase, "global warming." Venerable anchorman Tom Brokaw calls attention to that other global mess we made and shines a spotlight on the scientific, technological and economic solutions to climate change that are now brewing in the U.S. * CSI: NY (10 pm/ET CBS) It's a bittersweet world for Ashlee Simpson-Wentz's seedy motel housekeeper on tonight's emotionally stunning episode. She stumbles upon a murder victim, and also upon a huge stash of heroin, which she steals. She and her boyfriend (Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz) just have to sell it and they'll be on easy street. Of course, nothing goes as planned. As fun as it is to see Mr. and Mrs. Wentz together in their limited scenes, the hour's real power is watching the team unravel the mystery behind the murder. The victim is a former colleague's wife and the missing heroin is made from human bodies. Source Here

Viral Gords? Sure! But Can Better Off Ted Manufacture Laughs? - Featured

Veridian Dynamics, the ethically impaired conglomerate at the heart of ABC's Better Off Ted (premiering Wednesday at 8:30 pm/ET), can weaponize a pumpkin, develop a desk chair that improves job performance and freeze-dry a staffer just for sport. But can the new comedy produce big laughs? Jay Harrington, fresh off playing doctor with Private Practice 's Addison, gave a look at the workplace wackiness to come. To Read the full Interview Click Here .

Portia de Rossi is 'Better Off Ted'

Portia de Rossi returns to series TV on Wednesday, March 18, but first ET chats with the former "Arrested Development" star about her new show that is filled with weird science! "Better Off Ted" is a satirical office comedy in which Portia plays the incredibly beautiful -- but seemingly conscience-free -- Veronica, who lets nothing get in her way when it comes to serving her company's needs -- even if it means cryogenically freezing an employee for testing purposes. "She is funnier than the character I played on 'Ally McBeal,'" Portia says. "It has a similarity in that she's very strong, very determined, but the dialogue is crisper, wittier and funnier. I'm Australian. I grew up watching the BBC and admiring comedians like John Cleese. So I get a sense of that kind of absurdist hyper-real humor in my character, and that's what I really enjoy playing in this." Portia also says that part of what makes " Better Off Ted " so interesting to her as an actress is the fact that it is set in an environment she has never experienced. "We don't come from this world. We're actors. We don't really know what it's like to work in an office place. I don't think anyone [in the cast] has really had a job where we all live in cubicles." And even though Portia is familiar to audiences from her work on "Ally McBeal," she says that she was startled to discover that "Ted"'s executive producer Victor Fresco wasn't familiar with her work as ice-queen Nell Porter on the David E. Kelley series. "I kind of had to throw myself at him, saying, 'I played this character, Nell Porter on 'Ally McBeal,' who has similar qualities in that she was very work-driven and strong and insensitive and slightly chilly. And so I had to convince him that I could play this character well and that I was familiar with a character of that nature. So he made me audition..." "Better Off Ted" premieres Wednesday, March 18 at 8:30 p.m. on ABC. Source here

Watch a sneak peek of BETTER OFF TED Series Premiere ''Pilot''

Better Off Ted is by far one of the funniest sitcoms I have seen in a long time. I litterally cried because I laughed so much watching the first episode of BETTER OFF TED. These promos show you a glimpse of that but believe me it gets even better. Definitely, a must watch! Ted finds out just how far Veronica’s willing to go for Veridian’s greater good when she charges him with convincing brilliant research scientist Phil to be cryogenically frozen for a test experiment. Phil is excited, even if best friend and research partner, Lem, is a little jealous. . . and Ted is more than a little worried about the long-term effects if the experiment actually goes ahead. Airing this WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18 (8:30-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. Source & Sneak Peeks

Week of 3/15 - Ten Things We Can't Wait For!

This week, we can't wait for: The 2 hour Kings premiere! Some will love it and some will hate it, but I'd advise you all to give the first episode of new series Kings, Goliath, a shot. It stars the incomparable Ian McShane and is definitely different from everything else currently on TV. Series finale of Kyle XY ! It isn't so much excitement I feel that this ABC Family series will be prematurely concluding, but I couldn't not include it in a list of the week's highlights. Will the series answer all of the lingering questions? Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill return to The CW ! It has been well over a month and we have been missing our favorite Upper East Siders and Tree Hill residents. Both series finally return this week with new episodes; look for the return of Leighton Meester's real life boyfriend Sebastian Stan (also now appearing in Kings) to reappear on Gossip Girl. Judy Greer on House ! I haven't been watching House regularly this season, but I might just tune in to catch guest star Judy Greer and a premise involving...a magical cat that can predict disease a death. Not a joke. Watch preview Scrubs returns with new episodes! I have to tell you, I can't quite understand what ABC has been doing with Scrubs. They went to all of the trouble to buy it, only to air a bunch of episodes in a clump and then show reruns for weeks. Needless to say, a new episode is finally back this week on a new night...Wednesday! Better Off Ted debuts on ABC! Another day, another new show premiere! Is Better Off Ted going to be ABC's answer to NBC's quirky work comedy duo of The Office and 30 Rock ? Judging by the previews, looks like Ted could be hilarious...or downright terrible. I'm curious to find out, and either way, it's nice to see frequent guest star Jay Harrington ( Private Practice ) get a shot at his own show. Barack Obama on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno ! Yeah, you read right. President Obama will be appearing as a guest on Thursday night's Tonight Show on NBC. This will be the first time ever that a current president has appeared as a guest on a late night program. Premiere of Party Down on Starz! From the creator of Veronica Mars , this is sure to be the show that puts Starz on the map as a provider of original programming. It's a winning premise: struggling actors form a catering company to pay the bills. It also has a winning cast, including guest appearances by multiple Mars alums. Premiere is already on if you can't wait! Episode 6 of Dollhouse ! It's the one we've been waiting for! Joss Whedon swears it. So does series star Eliza Dusku. If you've made it this far and haven't given up on Dollhouse yet, it only gets better from here...! Series finale of Battlestar Galactica ! I can't believe that the time has already come. Let's hope that this one goes out more like Six Feet Under (my personal favorite-ever series finale) than The L Word . What are you most excited for?