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Boy Meets Reel: Better Off Ted's Sad Sendoff

The NBA Finals are about to trample over ABC's schedule for the last time this year, and all-but-forgotten in the hubbub over Game 7 of the Lakers-Celtics clash is [Better Off Ted]. The cancelled comedy was originally scheduled to air its last two episodes tonight, but basketball has sent Better Off Ted spinning off into the ether one last time. It's not that I'm bitter about basketball - I'm going to be watching the game tonight along with millions upon millions of other sports fans. It's just sad to see that Better Off Ted can't get a proper burial in the middle of June. The show deserved a much better sendoff, and it's a shame that we don't even know when we can say goodbye to one of the best comedies no one watched. We at SideReel have talked a lot about how much we wanted to save Better Off Ted, so I won't waste my breath beating a dead horse. I'll just remind you readers that the show was one of the smartest, sassiest, and most delightfully amoral comedy on television while it was on. Being unable to watch the last two episodes of this great comedy is a strangely appropriate ending to the show's doomed run. So let's raise a toast to Better Off Ted tonight - we may not be able to see the ending any time soon, but it gave us a great run, full of wit and venom. I plan on watching the whole thing again soon, and I recommend that you guys all follow suit.