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BETTER WITH YOU “Better With a Shamrock” Review

BETTER WITH YOU "Better With a Shamrock" Episode 15 – This week’s episode of Better With You centered around Ben’s quest for a shamrock on a local bar wall of fame and Maddie and Mia fighting over attending a charity event with Vicki that neither of them originally wanted to attend. Ben always has to find a way to try to be cool. That might very well make him uncool, but it does provide us with entertainment. Perhaps it is because I can relate to being called the wrong name by someone and then finally giving up on correcting them that I thought the entire bar yelling "Ted" when Ben walked in, was funny. What was Ben going to do once he received the shamrock if it said "Ted" on it? Luckily that problem was resolved when his arch nemesis, Nick Swisher from the New York Yankees, bought the bar. I loved the tie in from last week’s story about the unlucky leather jacket. It was also great that Swisher mistook Ben for a gay car salesman and that Ben was ready to have his shamrock read Bruce Coles just to get one. Anything for a paper design on a bar wall. Read More... //

BETTER WITH YOU “Better With a Leather Jacket” Review

BETTER WITH YOU "Better With a Leather Jacket" Episode 15 – On this week’s episode of Better With You , the Putneys try to convince Casey of the unluckiness of a particular leather jacket to ridiculous ends and we learn that Maddie and Ben have spent every week for the past four years playing trivia in a bar and losing. The fact that there was one leather jacket that cause the entire Putney family bad luck, yet they still kept it around seemed just about right for that family. I loved how they showed the different stories of bad luck and loved it even more that they never told Vicki’s story. As soon as she said it involved something about two dead horses, I wondered how they were going to pull it off in a short flashback. It was also pretty funny that they gave the jacket to Ben knowing how much bad luck it had. I wonder if Vicki and Joel will ever truly accept Ben? My favorite leather jacket story was definitley Joel’s. Everything he said and did in his scenario just made it worse. Read More... //

BETTER WITH YOU “Better With Valentine’s Day” Review

BETTER WITH YOU "Better With Valentine’s Day" Episode 14 – It is Valentine’s Day and Casey has big plans on Better With You . Unfortunatley, the Putney men keep it low key with only a store bought card and a rose. Those are the rules. As we know by now, Casey is not a rule follower by any means. Furthermore, Ben idolizes Casey too much not to take his side. Naturally, a competition between all three men ensues. It wouldn’t be an episode of Better With You without a competition. This episode of Better With You was cute. I loved that Valentine’s Day was Casey’s favorite holiday as you do not hear that very often from men. He was so excited to spend the first one with Mia that he may have gone overboard. I kind of wished they would have shown his skywriting message that was shortened to basically "Mia #1? after he found out they charged by the word. I also loved that Casey and Ben decided to make homemade Valentine’s Day cards, with Casey even having a pop out photo in his. It also led to this great quote by Joel, "Those are some shockingly delightful crafts." One of the things that holds my interest in Better With You is the consistency. For example, that quote reminded me of something that Maddie said earlier in the season, so when Joel said it I thought to myself "man, they are related." That is pretty good for a half hour comedy and shows just how well the characters are developing. Read More... //

Better with You 1.12 “Better with a Cat” Review

This week provided a below average episode from the most obviously mediocre sitcom currently on television. Honestly, I’m really not hard to please when it comes to comedy - all I need is something that’ll make me laugh (anything beyond that comes as extra). At this point, though, it’s definitely not 100% guaranteed that any given episode of Better with You will actually succeeding in bringing about laughter (that it’ll raise a smile is still usually probable). Whilst I still sort of enjoyed this week’s offering, it failed at the only thing that I really expect from comedic television, and for that reason I ended up rather disappointed with this week’s Better with You . Above all, the main storyline of the episode felt more than unnecessary, and was just poor comic material. In short, Maddie and Vicky wrongly interpret a conversation with Mia as a challenge and subsequently start fighting over guardianship of her baby. (Mia also wrongly interprets what they were talking about... as some sort of judgement of her potential ability as a parent.) When everything in an episode feels this meaningless, it’s just destined not to be funny. Read More... //

BETTER WITH YOU “Better With Cat” Review

BETTER WITH YOU "Better With Cat" Episode 13 – It is another Putney competition in this week’s episode of Better With You . When Mia and Casey share with the family the many things that their pediatrician wants them to do to prepare for the birth of their child, Maddie and Vicki take it as a challenge to compete to become the baby’s named guardians with Joel and Ben eagerly participating as well. I loved how both Maddie and Vicki both heard something entirely different in the conversation with Mia and Casey and how their interpretations were actually replayed. It was interesting that one picked up on the adopt the cat issue while the other picked up on the take a CPR class. Both thought that what they were doing would prove to Mia and Casey that they were responsible enough to be the baby’s guardian. Meanwhile Mia and Casey had already decided that one of Casey’s relatives who is a pediatrician would have the honor. As Mia said, when asked by Casey, if the couples would be mad when they find out they are not the guardians, "Who cares? We’ll be dead." Read More... //

Better with You 1.11 “Better with Skinny Jeans” Review

The way I see things, every television season comes with at least one new comedy that fills that "perfectly average sitcom" spot (last year’s was Accidentally on Purpose ). I’d be surprised if anybody truly sees Better with You as on a similarly weak level as $#*! My Dad Says or Outsourced , but it still also isn’t as effective as other more impressive comedies, and it’s outclassed by the ABC sitcoms that air on the same evening as it (particularly Cougar Town and Modern Family ). What it provides is reasonably average comedy which, whilst usually funny, is never overwhelmingly so. With that said, I can’t deny that Better with You makes for very comfortable TV viewing and it really has improved, especially over the last few episodes. Read more... //

BETTER WITH YOU “Better With Skinny Jeans” Review

This week’s episode of Better With You finds Mia having to finally face the fact that she is pregnant and will eventually have to wear maternity clothes. Meanwhile, Joel finds out he is last on the Fantasy Husband League at the club and Maddie tries to convince Casey why the United States Post Office is the greatest thing ever. I think my favorite part of this episode was the whole idea of the Fantasy Husband League. Not only did the wives give points for good things such as an increase in a man’s retirement package, but also took away for bad things such as a bad knee or having an animal pancreas. Talk about organized! The women even had a website. It was cute to see Joel trying to compete to get higher in the league since he was not even considered "dead last." It is rather sad when a dead guy has more points than you. How sweet was it to have Vicky admit that she skewed the results because he is her fantasy husband? She may not have felt that way when she woke up later on the floor after Joel gently placed her there so he could sit on the couch. To Read More Click Here.

BETTER WITH YOU “Better With Christmas Crap” Review

It’s Christmas and what would the holidays be without a family disagreeing on something? In this case, it’s about where everyone should spend their Christmas, and no one except mom and dad want to go back to the lake house where they’ve gone every other year. Mia’s tired of being the Christmas Gnome, Maddie doesn’t understand why no one likes to follow her minute by minute schedule of the entire trip and Ben has a phobia about being locked outside in the snow.. again. I loved how Mia decided to use the baby as an excuse and told her parents that she’s not allowed to travel. Then Maddie follows suit and soon the entire family is supposedly going off in different directions. That is, right up until the moment they all bump into each other in the airport. The makeshift Christmas they had under the airport tree with crap they bought at the gift shop was sweet, but the best part was when Mia suggested they go on ahead up to the lake house and everyone said "naaah" and went off on their separate trips. Not exactly the ending you’d expect from a sitcom and it cracked me up. To Read More Click Here.

BETTER WITH YOU “Better With Thanksgiving” Review

Although this week’s episode of Better With You centered around the Putney family’s plan to avoid another "special" Vicky turkey, the real shocking moment came with the revelation that Maddie and Ben were engaged! I have to say that I was shocked to learn that Ben had proposed to Maddie at one time and she had accepted. I guess I bought into the whole "living together is a valid lifestyle." After hearing what happened, I am not sure if I like the fact that they listened to the signs of the universe better than when I thought that they had never even considered getting married. After all, is it really a valid life choice if you did not make a choice? If you listen to "signs" then are you really actively deciding not to get married? Although I do like that they stuck by their decision and did not share it with anyone until Mia accidentally found the ring. Also? Ben’s proposal was probably the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. To Read More Click Here.

BETTER WITH YOU “Better With Flirting” Review

This week’s episode of BETTER WITH YOU tackled flirting for favors. I think that is something with which we are all familiar. I also think, like on the show, some of us are better at it than others. There were two things going on in this episode. First, Ben was trying to learn how to flirt again after he saw Maddie flawlessly execute a game of flirting at the yogurt shop that resulted in extra secret toppings. The second was the planning of Casey and Mia’s wedding and the involvement of Vicky and Joel. First, Ben is a horrible flirter. After the first try resulted in being called a pervert in the yogurt shop, he enlists the help of Casey which only makes sense. After all, it is easy to tell that Casey is a big flirt. But, how do you coach someone in flirting who is so evidently bad at it? Apparently you don’t do much of anything as Casey basically sends Ben off telling him to focus on his ears since everything else he does seems creepy. Unfortunately, Ben’s flirting is so horrible he actually ends up "dating" the cashier at the yogurt shop. I thought that scene was hilarious and it was even more so when Maddie had to go back there and help him "break up" with the girl. Could Maddie really be surprised that the guy she flirted with at the shop was in love with her? It was a bit insulting to say "I get secret toppings and you get the attention of a pretty girl." Although I did like Ben’s yelling at the first cashier "I am not a pervert! I just want secret things from you!" How perverted does that sound? To Read More Click Here.