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'Big Brother': Which Juror Returned To The Game?

While the latter didn't happen, in the end, it was Judd who stood triumphant among the jury members. As such, he made his way back into the house after his blindside during the double eviction episode a few weeks back. "“ Aaryn looks like she's going to throw up ," wrote HitFix's Lian Bonin Starr of Judd's return. "Still, Judd assures everyone he wants to start a clean slate with everybody. Gosh, I hope not! Where's the fun in that?” "Woo! I'm back in the ‘BB' house, and it feels amazing to have a second chance at my dream," Judd said later.   Read More... //www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/26/big-brother-juror-returns-to-the-game-video_n_3815303.html?utm_hp_ref=tv

'Big Brother 15': Amanda goes insane, a new alliance forms

You'd think that Amanda would be happy with how things are going this week in the "Big Brother 15" house, but ... you'd be wrong. Read on to find out what she has been up to, or just sign up for the live feeds to follow along for yourself. So, Elissa nominated Aaryn and McCrae, which Amanda freaked out about because she's not in control this week. But Amanda went and won the POV, which means she can save McCrae and keep herself safe in the process. You'd think she would be happy this week. But no. Amanda totally lost her mind Sunday (Aug. 25), starting a campaign to make Elissa's life miserable that resulted in the feeds being down for nearly an hour while Amanda got a talking to from production (we assume, based on later conversations). Here's what she was up to -- after McCrae and Elissa get in a stupid argument about... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/08/big-brother-15-amanda-goes-insane-a-new-alliance-forms.html

'Big Brother 15': Elissa and Amanda battle it out for Head of Household

Time to find out who won the "Big Brother 15" baseball Head of Household competition last Thursday. We have to say, it was pretty bonkers on the live feeds. Head of Household CompetitionWe join the hamsters where we left them last Thursday -- everybody on a perch, with balls being thrown at their faces (there goes their social lives). It all starts off fairly innocuously, with nearly everybody getting a ball right away, though in the DR, several hamsters are lamenting the returning-juror twist. The first elimination comes fairly soon, as Spencer falls off (not a huge surprise, he's a big dude on a little perch) and McCrae also falls (more of a surprise, he's like a spry little monkey). Meanwhile, down on the jury end of the competition, Helen is spilling all the beans to her fellow jurors. That's very smart -- the returning person needs as much of an advantage as he or... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/08/big-brother-15-elissa-and-amanda-battle-it-out-for-head-of-household.html

'Big Brother 15' Spoilers: Who Won the Week 9 Power of Veto?

This week Big Brother 15 has already been filled with insanity and drama as things are changing and the show is finally living up to its promise to expect the unexpected. This week's Power of Veto competition is definitely the most unexpected twist yet. SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers. //www.buddytv.com/articles/big-brother/big-brother-15-spoilers-who-wo-50999.aspx

'Big Brother 15' Week 9 Power of Veto winner is ...

The Week 9 Power of Veto competition is over in the "Big Brother 15" house and we've got all the details for you. Read on to find out what's going down or just sign up for the live feeds to watch for yourself.Well, the worst possible thing happened -- Amanda won the POV and she will obviously be taking McCrae off the block. That's a darn shame, but it kind of serves Elissa right for not putting them on the block against each other. As of right now, Elissa is telling GinaMarie that Andy will be the replacement nominee, which will leave Aaryn and Andy on the block. Who will go home? The votes this week are McCrae, Amanda, Judd, Spencer and GinaMarie. We know GM won't vote Aaryn out and we don't think Judd will either, while McCranda should be voting to keep Andy since he's been more loyal to them than Aaryn. Which... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/08/big-brother-15-week-9-power-of-veto-winner-is.html

'Big Brother 15': Amanda and GinaMarie fight over who is sucking up to the HOH more

The nature of "Big Brother" is that when the balance of power shifts in the house, hamsters often have to go from "I hate so-and-so" to kissing so-and-so's butt. Such is the case this week with Elissa winning Head of Household. So, Amanda and GinaMarie get into a fight that basically boils down to who is sucking up to Elissa more. From Amanda's perspective, she's freaking out about McCrae being on the block and now GM being all buddy-buddy with Elissa, because Amanda wanted Elissa to use GM as the replacement nominee after POV. From GM's perspective, she's actually had kind of a come-to-Jesus thing with Elissa, plus GM doesn't have much of an alliance, so she's working on that. And Amanda is calling her out on something that is ... kind of the way the game works. Unless you're in Season 6 and the house is divided in half and each half openly... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/08/big-brother-15-amanda-and-ginamarie-fight-over-who-is-sucking-up-to-the-hoh-more.html

'Big Brother 15': There's a new target in the house

It's looking to be a drama-filled week in the "Big Brother 15" house. Read on to find out what's happening, or just sign up for the live feeds to watch for yourself. Last night was pretty bonkers on the live feeds. Remember how well Amanda handled being on the block those two weeks that America put her up? Well, she's handling McCrae being on the block about as well as you'd expect, too. That is to say, Amanda is losing her mind. She was pacing around last night, fighting with GinaMarie, pleading with Elissa not to target her and McCrae. She actually whined that if she's going home, please let her know so she can spend time with McCrae. Like, who else would she spend time with anyway?But Elissa has finally had enough and she and Aaryn have come together to get Amanda out. So this should be a lot of fun. The only thing... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/08/big-brother-15-theres-a-new-target-in-the-house.html

'Big Brother 15' Spoilers: Who Are the Week 9 Nominees?

The Big Brother 15 house was completely changed by this week's massive HoH competition that saw the four members of the jury competing to get back into the game. So with a returning player and a new HoH, things are more unpredictable than ever before. SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers. //www.buddytv.com/articles/big-brother/big-brother-15-spoilers-who-ar-50996.aspx

'Big Brother 15': The new HOH's nominations are ...

There are new nominations in the "Big Brother 15" house. Read on to find out who is on the block and sign up for the live feeds to find out how the Power of Veto competition turns out tomorrow. Elissa is the new Head of Household and true to what she was saying on last night's feeds, she has nominated Aaryn and McCrae. Elissa says taht Aaryn is her main target and we don't doubt that, but Elissa is no dummy. If she put up Aaryn and GinaMarie, there's a chance the house can wuss out and make the easy vote of evicting GM. This way, if Aaryn wins POV and takes herself off, Elissa can put up Amanda and a power couple is being split up. That would really be the best scenario for those of us who watch this show to be entertained (ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!). Meanwhile, even if McCranda stays safe... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/08/big-brother-15-the-new-hohs-nominations-are.html

Big Brother 15 Spoilers: YES! Judd Is Back, Elissa Is HOH — Amanda and Aaryn to Go Up?

Karma! You beautiful thing. Mwah! Thanks for finally stopping by the Big Brother 15 house. And let the games reallybegin. But first … sadly, it’s time to retire the #STFUHelen hashtag. At least until the BB15 finale. Can we petition for #STFUAmanda or maybe #GrowASpineAndyandAaryn? Helen was voted out — 4 to 1 (thank you, Elissa, for breaking up the unanimous streak) — and she didn’t win her way back in during the August 22 live show. For the first time ever, a juror returned to the game,... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/2RfFvbLdpoM/2013-08-22-big-brother-15-spoilers-judd