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'Big Brother' Photos: Jeff and Jordan Get Engaged

Official photos from the surprise engagement of Big Brother veterans Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd.   Read More... //www.buddytv.com/slideshows/big-brother-photos-jeff-and-jordan-get-engaged-96742.aspx

'Big Brother 16' Spoilers: Week 11 Nominees and a Big Proposal

Now that it's down to five HGs on Big Brother 16 , the nominations don't matter nearly as much as the Power of Veto. Well, this week neither of those actually matter, but I'll try to amuse you anyway as we slog through a week that is more useless than Victoria. So to fill time, CBS has brought in two fan favorites for a big announcement. SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.  Read More... //www.buddytv.com/articles/big-brother/big-brother-16-spoilers-who-ar-54523.aspx

Big Brother Surprise Proposal Shuts Down Live Feeds (Photo)

Usually when the Big Brother live feeds go dark, fans are left scrambling to try and figure out what's going on in the house. They then try and piece it together from snippets of conversation afterward. This time, there was no need at all as former Houseguest and fan favorite Jeff Schroeder tweeted exactly why the feeds went dark. Schroeder and his long-time fiancee Jordan Lloyd were announced as special guests this weekend during the live eviction episode on Thursday. They apparently arrived sometime on Friday, as Schroeder posted a picture that featured the remaining five Houseguests.   Read More... //www.thewrap.com/big-brother-surprise-proposal-shuts-down-live-feeds-photo/

Big Brother 16: [SPOILER] Voted Out in Double Eviction Then Booed By Audience!

Derrick Levasseur continued to rule the Big Brother 16 house on Thursday, September 4 as the Head of Household in a double eviction that sent home his intended target. Boom. And boring. And yet, the super-fast double evictions are always fun and who will really miss Christine Brecht? (Dont answer that, Cody Calafiore.) We know the live audience members weren't fans, since Chris ended up the first BB16 Houseguest to hear a loud chorus of boos.   Read More... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/uhgd1hmJU_k/2014-09-04-16-christine-voted-double-eviction

Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Who Won Week 11 HOH? Will Rewind Button Save Frankie or Derrick?

Um, where was this Big Brother Rewind button when Donny Thompson and Nicole Franzel were on the block? Only 20 days remain to Big Brother 16. (Thank god or will you miss it?)This Sunday, Jeff and Jordan will return with a surprise announcement that probably wont be that interesting because almost nothing this season has been that interesting. Sorry, does that sound bitter? It might be because Julie Chen explained the reset button twist at the end of the Thursday, September 4 live show and... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/YLxF3D_2qEA/2014-09-04-16-spoilers-week-11-hoh

Big Brother Live Double Eviction: Detonators Finally Start Blowing Each Other Up

(Spoiler alert: Do not read on if you have not yet watched Thursday night's live double eviction episode of Big Brother.) The Bomb Squad/Detonators or Bombinators as the Big Brother announcer dubbed them have been calling the shots all summer long. But with the latest double eviction, it was time for them to finally turn on one of their own. But first, there was the matter of Nicole and Victoria, already on the block when the hour began. The logical and safe choice would be to eliminate Nicole, as the bigger game threat. For Derrick in particular, she was a personal threat because she'd acknowledged the impressive quality of his game mastery.   Read More... //www.thewrap.com/big-brother-live-double-eviction-detonators-finally-start-blowing-each-other-up/

'Big Brother 16' Spoilers: Final 5 HoH Results and the Rewind Button

There are only five HGs left on Big Brother 16 and at this point winning competitions is the only way to ensure your safety. Well, that and pushing a button. Following the evictions of Nicole and Christine after Derrick won HoH during the double eviction, the four other HGs competed for HoH. SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.  Read More... //www.buddytv.com/articles/big-brother/big-brother-16-spoilers-final-54517.aspx