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Big Hero 6 Review: Baymax Returns

In 2015, Disney’s Big Hero 6 won the Academy Award for best animated feature, and deservedly so. The animation was beautiful and the story explored mature themes of loss and grief. Last night, the sequel series, Big Hero 6: The Series premiered with the TV movie special, "Baymax Returns." The special managed to capture some of the magic of Big Hero 6, stumbling in some places, but ultimately it worked to set up the rest of the series as a fun follow up to the film. "Baymax Returns," as the name implies, depicts the return of everyone’s favorite healthcare robot. After some time adjusting to both the loss of Tadashi and Baymax, Hiro is finally starting his first day at "nerd school." When looking through his brother’s old lab, Hiro discovers Baymax’s personality chip, a recreation of the final scene of the film, and decides to rebuild him in secret. His secrets get him in trouble with a new crime movement involving Yama (the bot fighter from the film) and a mysterious new villain. Meanwhile, Fred is trying to get the superhero team back together to patrol the streets of San Fransokyo. His annoying persistence ends up proving useful however, as the newly branded "Big Hero 6" manage to save Hiro and Fred, stop a wave of evil Baymax copies from destroying the city, and prevent the series’ new villain from obtaining a mysterious and powerful element. READ MORE...