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Season 4


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  • 25 episodes
    25 episodes
    • s4e25Trying to Find a Fifth Dimension
    • s4e24Trying to Find a Fifth Dimension
    • s4e23Discovering the HIV/AIDS Drug "Cocktail" in an Equation
    • s4e22Why Peter Brabeck Cares About Water
    • s4e21Copenhagen Was Not a Failure of Issues
    • s4e20Why is the U.S. Afraid of China?
    • s4e19The Priorities of Our Planet's Crisis
    • s4e18Is Wall Street Overstepping?
    • s4e17Doing Business the Good Way
    • s4e16Postponing the Peak
    • s4e15Sabotaging the Climate Change Debate
    • s4e14Peter Brabeck Water Crisis
    • s4e13The Key to Sustainability
    • s4e12Does Anxiety Shape Society?
    • s4e11Leave No Child Left Behind Behind?
    • s4e10The Future in Motion
    • s4e9The Magic of Comedy
    • s4e8Drop the Aphrodisiacs!
    • s4e7What Is Love?
    • s4e6Eliot Spitzer Talks Love and Redemption
    • s4e5Doctors Orders: Dont Stay Alone in a Hospital
    • s4e4Gingrich On Browns Election And Pres. Obama
    • s4e3Why Scott Brown Will Torment Washington Democrats
    • s4e2Advice to Aspiring Novelists: Dont Shoot Yourself
    • s4e1The Cognitive Case Against Abstinence-Only Education