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Birds of Prey on DVD

Yup it's true. 5 years after the show was canceled they finally put it on DVD. I didn't even know they were going to do it either. I was at Target on Thursday, passed by the DVD area and there it was. Needless to say, I bought it :D It includes all 13 episodes, The Unaired Pilot AND the complete web based series 'Gotham Girls' The DVD was released on July 15th of this year (and I got it 2 days after :) ) it says on the back that some of the music may differ from the original televised version. some info about it can be found at Disc 1 episodes 1-4 (Joe Flanigan appeared in episode 3 before landing his role on SGA) Gotham Girls season 1 Disc 2 episodes 5-7 Gotham Girls season 2 Disc 3 episodes 8-11 (Mitch Pileggi from The X-Files/SGA appears in episode 9) Gotham Girls season 3 Disc 4 episodes 12 & 13 Unaired Pilot (Sherilyn Fenn plays Dr. Harleen Quinzel)

Birds of Prey cancelled due to declining ratings.

Despite high ratings of 7.6 million viewers weekly and being the largest audience in the 18-34 demographic for the network at the time , the series was cancelled. In total, thirteen episodes were produced. Birds of Prey held the interest of a few viewers, but was not enough to keep the show in a long running.