Black Butler
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Black Butler

"His Butler, Taking the Stage"

Date Aired: Jul 17, 2014 (Japan)

Black Butler S3E2
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The tickets to the Noah's Ark Circus were sent by the Queen, who orders Ciel to investigate its possible connection with some children who are missing. After obtaining info on the children from Abberline, Ciel and Sebastian inquire Undertaker, who reveals that their bodies have not shown up in the underworld, and thus it is possible that they are still alive. The duo then attends a presentation at the circus itself, but when Joker, the ringleader, asks for a member of the audience take part in the show, Sebastian volunteers, but a commotion is caused when he finds himself enticed by a tiger. After the show, Joker insists that Sebastian must be examined by the doctor in charge and the butler's curiosity is piqued when he finds that many of the performers wear some unusual prothestic limbs manufactured by him. In the occasion, Sebastian asks Joker for a job, claiming that he is fed up with his current occupation and upon being accepted, takes his leave after agreeing to return in the next day with an "acquaintance" who also intends to join. Sebastian then tries to investigate the circus further. but the snake charmer Snake stops him, claiming that he is in an off-limits area.
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