Black Butler
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Black Butler

"His Butler, Careful Tending"

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Black Butler S3E7
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Joker meets with his adoptive father, Baron Kelvin, and upon telling them about Ciel and Sebastian, the Baron realizes that they are no other than the Earl Phantomhive and his butler and is eager to meet him, ordering Joker to prepare a banquet for the occasion. Meanwhile, some members of the circus take a leave to look for the next town to visit, while Ciel, after recovering, leaves with Sebastian to confront the Baron. Upon arriving at the Kelvin estate, they are welcomed by Joker, who guides them to the banquet, where Ciel and Kelvin finally meet face to face. The Baron then has Joker perform a gruesome show where the brainwashed children are brutally killed, much to Kelvin's excitement, but when one of the missing children from the report are found among them, Ciel has all the proof he needs and proceeds to kill him, but the Baron reveals that he has one more thing to show him. Ciel and Sebastian then accompany Kelvin to the cellar, and Ciel is distraught upon finding a room built exactly like the one where he was tortured after the death of his parents, and where he first met Sebastian years before.
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