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In Black Mirror, Sci-Fi That Feels Close to Home

Charlie Brooker, the shows creator, and the executive producer Annabel Jones, explain how they constructed one of the shows most iconic episodes.   Read More... //

Black Mirror Creator On Terrifying Donald Trump, Season 4 Plans, Tech Fetish & Netflix NY Comic-Con

Since its UK debut in 2011, Black Mirror has unveiled our fixation and cultural addiction to technology and the dark consequences of dislocation that has become the new normal. Now with a 12-episode deal with Netflix , the third season of the Charlie Brooker created satirical and often unsettling anthology series launches on October 21. Having starred Jon Hamm, Marvel alum Haley Atwell and Outlander s Tobias Menzies and in past seasons, the six-episode run features ...Read More... //

Black Mirror Season 3 Trailer: No One Is This Happy

In this world, were all so caught up in our own heads its easy to lose sight of whats real. Here is the first trailer for Season 3 of Black Mirror , Netflix s original drama starring Bryce Dallas Howard , Alice Eve , James NortonandCherry Jones. The six new stories from writer-creatorCharlie Brooker start streaming October 21. The seriestaps into our collective unease with the modern world, and each stand-alone episode explores themes of contemporary ...Read More... //

Why Black Mirror Star Michael Kelly Wont Let His Daughter Have a Cellphone (Video)

A version of this interview with Michael Kelly first appeared in the print edition of TheWrap Magazines Fall TV Issue . House of Cards co-star Michael Kelly stars in an upcoming episode of Black Mirror, a British anthology series from Netflix, which uses dark, sci-fi-tinged storytelling to explore the hazards of new technology. ...Read More... //

The First Story Details for the Next Season of Black MirrorAre Here

We cant wait for Black Mirror to hit Netflix, and every little detail weve had so far has had us itching to see more about this delightfully messed-up series. Now we finally know a little more about each episode, and... can it just be October 21 right now? ...Read More... //

Heres a First Look at the Dystopian Future of Black Mirror Season 3

From the episodes "San Junipero" and "Nosedive."   ...Read More... //

The First TantalizinglyMysterious Images From Next Season ofBlack Mirror

Black Mirror is the kind of show you want to watch knowing almost nothing about. The first images from the third season are perfect in that regard, because they give only a tiny hint at whats to comejust enough to make you want more. ...Read More... //

Black Mirror Season 3 Wont Be a Bleakfest

But creator Charlie Brooker hopes it will maintain the unpleasantness the show seems to have become known for.   Read More... //

Black Mirror Enlists Rashida Jones and Mike Schur for Season 3 Writing Stint

Black Mirrors upcoming third seasonwill feature an episode written byParks and RecreationduoMike Schur and Rashida Jones, it was revealed Wednesdayat the Television Critics Association summer press tour. It turns out theyre fans of the show, and the feelings were mutual, Black Mirror executive producer Charlie Brooker explained to reporters. The pairs installment, titled Nosedive, is [] //

A Guide to 'Black Mirror' Season 3 on Netflix

Bryce Dallas Howard, Alice Eve and Gugu Mbatha-Raw are among those starring in the upcoming season of the dystopian anthology series....   Read More... //