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  • 22 episodes
    22 episodes
    • s1e1792How to Treat the Coast Redwood tree
    • s1e1789Tulip tree
    • s1e1787How to Deal with Conifers
    • s1e1783Story of two Pine Trees
    • s1e1781Madrone tree in decline
    • s1e1770How to Deal with Cat Damage to Trees
    • s1e48Italian Cypress
    • s1e47How to Treat the Coast Live Oak
    • s1e15A Bad Tool for Pruning
    • s1e14The Flowering Bradford Pear Tree
    • s1e12How safe is a Redwood Tree?
    • s1e11Why Not to Top Trees
    • s1e10Multi grafted peach tree
    • s1e9Limb damage question
    • s1e8Modesto Ash problem
    • s1e7Oak Moth Larvae
    • s1e6How to deal with difficult tree decisions
    • s1e5large container trees
    • s1e4Young Willow problem
    • s1e3A Better Way to Take Down Big Wood
    • s1e2Hackberry aphid problem
    • s1e1Cement over a cavity