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Bleach Episode #306 - Review

The fun with this episode is what takes place in the real world as Aizen and Gin are strolling along towards their goal only to run into Don Kanonji. With Aizen's spiritual pressure being as strong as it is and causing enough issues for the area in general, Don provides a wonderful moment of levity in the midst of the darkening storyline. Or at least, it will feel more that way when you watch it without seeing any of the filler around it, since a lot of that was pretty light and fluffy material. The character of Don has always been a bit awkward, but one that I held a certain affection for way back in his introduction. So getting to see something of a team-up between him and the injured Rangiku here is actually a whole lot of fun, since it's the kind of pairing that you wouldn't normally think of, and especially not for going up against Aizen. Read More... //www.mania.com/bleach-episode-306_article_127936.html