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Bleach - Season 14 - Episode 265 - Review: "Evolution?! The Menace of The Final Sword Beast"

Several Shinigami are in pursuit of a Sword Beast. Among them is vice-captain Shuhei Hisagi, and his Zanpakutou, Kazeshini. Kazeshini takes on the Sword Beast and is able to push him back, but before he can land a killing blow the Sword Beast suddenly reverts back into his sword form. Hisagi commends Kazeshini, having not witnessed the anomaly, and Renji and his Zabimaru arrive too late to be of assistance. The two lieutenants comment on how the Sword Beast have become scarce and deduce that probably there are not many of them left. When the lieutenants leave Kazeshini tells Zabimaru about the way his fight with the Sword Beast ended. The Zanpakutou spirits have been monitoring the movements of a specific Sword Beast, that is known for draining other spirits reiatsu, and Kazeshini tells them about the Sword Beast he fought. Zabimaru explains that Sword Beasts have limited amounts of reiatsu, which will eventually be depleted, at which point the Sword Beast will revert to its sword form. But the Sword Beast they're after can steal the reiatsu from other Zanpakutou and use it as his own. Ruriiro Kujaku comments that he has this power as well, but Kazeshini says that as a Zanpakutou this Sword Beast surpassed his master, and once his master died he was freed to do as he pleases. The spirits realize that this is the worst foe for a Shinigami, and so they resolve to go after him and finish him themselves. Later that day, Momo Hinamori, Rangiku Matsumoto, and Nanao Ise are having dinner and drinks along with Tobiume, Haineko, and Katen Kyoukotsu. When the evening concludes Momo and Nanao are forced to carry the inebriated Rangiku to her quarters, while the three Zanpakutou spirits say they wish to hang out among themselves. The lieutenants agree, but instead all the spirits gather together to mount an attack against the reiatsu stealing Sword Beast. Read More Click Me!

Bleach - Season 14 - Episode 264 - Review: "Battle of The Females? Katen Kyoukotsu vs Nanao"

Nanao wants Kyouraku to come with her to deal with the Sword Beast, but he decides to send his Zanpakutou instead, and only the younger half at that. Nanao tries to talk with Katen Kyoukotsu, but the girl doesn't say anything and instead attacks when Nanao tries to touch her. Katen Kyoukotsu ends up running away, and when Nanao finds her again, she's fighting a Sword Beast. Nanao quickly notices that Katen Kyoukotsu is toying with the enemy, but when Nanao tries to interfere, Katen Kyoukotsu turns against her, and in the commotion, the Sword Beast escapes. Despite this, Nanao refuses to give up on what she sees as her mission, and Rangiku comes in to help get Katen Kyoukotsu to open up. Unfortunately, none of the girlish activities that Rangiku tries to get Katen Kyoukotsu to do interests her, so Rangiku gives up. Nanao eventually notices that Katen Kyoukotsu spends a lot of her time staring at tree blossoms, so she proposes a party. She doesn't bond with the girl though until the two watch the last flower blow off a tree into Nanao's hand, and Nanao ties the flower to Katen Kyoukotsu's hair. While looking at more trees in bloom however, the two get attacked by the Sword Beast from before. He injures Nanao and easily takes Katen Kyoukotsu's sword because Nanao had made her put it down earlier, and in this state, the two struggle to fight against him. Luckily, Kyouraku arrives in time to save them, and he easily defeats the Sword Beast. In the aftermath, all of the Shinigami enjoy a party under the blooming trees, and Katen Kyoukotsu pins a flower to Nanao's hair. Source Here

Bleach - Season 14 - Episode 263 - Review: "Imprisonment?! Senbonzakura & Zabimaru"

After bungling a Sword Beast hunt and having to be saved by Senbonzakura, Zabimaru goes to the Technology Development Bureau with the broken Zanpakutou. Since no one seems to be there, the two try to sneak in and run into Senbonzakura who had also broken in. The three proceed to the room where the Sword Beasts are stored, but Senbonzakura starts to play with one the remote controls, causing an alarm to go off and trapping the three inside a container. Senbonzakura immediately tries to blast his way out, but that doesn't work, so Zabimaru tries to have him wait for the return of the guys who work there. Senbonzakura has very little patience, but luckily Ashisogi Jizou shows up, and although Ashisogi Jizou can't hear what they're trying to tell him, he eventually picks up the dropped remote control. Ashisogi Jizou, however, ends up breaking the remote, pissing off Senbonzakura and causing him to initiate bankai. This breaks the group free but also does tons of collateral damage and sets off another alarm. Read More Click Me!

Bleach - Season 14 - Episode 262 - Review: "Haineko Cries! The Tragic Sword Beast"

On the hunt for some Sword Beasts, Haineko finds a male one in a field of flowers, but instead of killing him, she falls in love with him. Since he shows no hostility towards her, she ends up hiding the Sword Beast, named Narunosuke, and doesn't tell Rangiku about it. Haineko subsequently makes several visits to take care of Narunosuke, and she even inquires on his behalf about being accepted as a regular Zanpakutou. Still unaware of what's going on, Rangiku thinks that the latter is impossible and warns Haineko that Sword Beasts can go berserk at any time. Haineko doesn't pay this any heed at first and continues to take care of Narunosuke, but she becomes worried when he goes through spells of sudden mental anguish. Rangiku eventually becomes suspicious of Haineko and discovers Narunosuke after following her. Haineko tries to protect Narunosuke, but he loses control of himself and attacks both her and Rangiku. After Rangiku gets hurt protecting her, Haineko decides to use her own powers to kill Narunosuke, and before he disappears, he returns to normal long enough to thank her. Source Here

Bleach - Season 14 - Episode 260 - Review: "Conclusion?! Hisagi vs. Kazeshini�

Despite how all the other Zanpakutou get along with their Shinigami masters, Kazeshini is still trying to pick fights with Hisagi. Hisagi is able to handle him each time, but he refuses to settle this for good until Kazeshini faces him head-on. Kazeshini doesn't give up though and tries to ambush Hisagi during a Sword Beast battle, forcing Hisagi to protect some innocent bystanders. Hisagi ultimately knocks Kazeshini out of the way however, and while trying to catch up, Kazeshini instead runs into a Sword Beast killing a man. The Sword Beast is no match for Kazeshini, but afterward, the dying man leaves his baby in the Zanpakutou's care. The child gets in the way of everything Kazeshini tries to do, but he can't bring himself to abandon it, so he carries it around with him everywhere. He finally finds a shack to put the baby in while it's sleeping, but before he can attack Hisagi again, the baby's cries call him back. It turns out that a woman had found the baby in the brief period he was gone, and Kazeshini now protects both her and the child from another Sword Beast. Doing so makes him realize the meaning of protecting someone, and after leaving the baby to the woman, he finally goes to face Hisagi head-on. The two fight, and although the battle is fierce, Hisagi ultimately wins. As he falls, Kazeshini can hear the baby's cries in the distance and tries to tell it not to cry. Afterward, he asks Hisagi what they'll fight for now, and Hisagi answers that they'll fight to protect. Source Here

Bleach - Season 14 - Episode 259 - Review: "Terror! The Monster That Lurks Underground"

A lot of things have been stolen lately, and since the clues point to the sewers, Hanatarou, Nanao, Ikkaku, and Houzukimaru go to investigate. The group ends up stumbling upon a few traps, one of which washes them all away to another area. There, Ikkaku gets attacked by a Sword Beast with tentacles and gets separated from the others. Hanatarou, Nanao and Houzukimaru then come across a camp set up by a small white figure, and they find most of the stolen stuff. Before they can learn anything from the culprit, the Sword Beast attacks again. Houzukimaru's attacks against it are ineffective, and right as things are looking bad, the small white figure picks up his sword, heals Ikkaku with it, and then defeats the Sword Beast with its power. It turns out that this figure is none other than Hanatarou's Zanpakutou Hisagomaru, and it had run away to the sewers because of a misunderstanding. Hanatarou and Hisagomaru are thus reunited, however they get separated again while trying to exit the sewers. Source Here

Bleach Season 14 Episode 257 Review: A New Enemy! The True Nature of the Sword Beasts

Shortly after Ichigo has his first run-in with a Sword Beast in the real world, Hitsugaya arrives and fills him in on what's going on. Rangiku and Haineko have come as well, but those two spend most of their time goofing off with Inoue. Meanwhile, in Soul Society, Sode no Shirayuki explains to Rukia that Kurotsuchi had restored her after she got broken during the previous incident. Kurotsuchi was also the one who returned the other Zanpakutou to normal, and he's now working on this new case. Back in the real world, the Sword Beast that escaped from Ichigo and Hitsugaya has been consumed and become fused with a Hollow, making it even stronger. When it attacks the girls, Ichigo has to save Haineko from it, and he then has to withstand a massive Cero. Fortunately, Hitsugaya helps out and defeats the creature, and afterward, the group acknowledges the new threat. Source Here

Bleach Season 14 Episodes 256: The Angered Byakuya! The Collapse of the Kuchiki House

In the aftermath of the Muramasa incident, the Shinigami return to Soul Society, but they find that their respective Zanpakutou spirits are still able to take human form. To complicate matters, also on the loose are what Kurotsuchi calls Toujuu (lit. sword beast), which are materialized Zanpakutou who went berserk after their masters were killed trying to subdue them. Of the two that appear, Senbonzakura helps Sode no Shirayuki defeat one of them, and Rukia wielding Sode no Shirayuki eventually defeats the other, strengthening their relationship in the process. Kurotsuchi takes in the latter one for research, and when Ukitake reveals that there are reports of more, Sode no Shirayuki reassures Rukia that the Zanpakutou will help with this matter. Source Here