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Blood Ties Canceled.

I noticed a few comments on the page asking about new episodes for this show and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this show was cancelled. I know this is horrible, but it has largely to do with the network it premiered on. They chose lifetime for the shows network and lifetime rarely advertised and changed the show's schedule constantly. Plus the following they did gather after the first season never knew when the second season started because it was never advertised properly. So when they found out the second season was like half over most said screw I'll watch online or I'm waiting for the dvds and because of the large drop they canceled the show. It would have been better off on the CW or Scifi. Plus the saddest thing is that I've visited the home page for this show after it was cancelled and people were still just discovering it existed. So you wanna blame someone or send an angry email send it to lifetime. They literally killed the show because it didn't fit their usual show standards. You know girly mushy drama. Anyway I bet their kicking themselves now. Vampires are totally in!