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  • 12 episodes
    12 episodes
    • s1e12The Hills Run Red and Combs Talks Dark House
    • s1e11Nightmares Fear Factory and Deadgirl
    • s1e10Alien Raiders and CheerBleeders at Shriekfest
    • s1e9SpookyDan Gets the Dirt on the Burrowers and Vinyan
    • s1e8Repo Star Paris Hilton Tells It Like It Is!
    • s1e7Jack Brooks
    • s1e6Screamfest vs SpookyDan
    • s1e5The Saw V Episode
    • s1e4The Universal Horror Nights Episode Part II
    • s1e3The Universal Horror Nights Episode-Part I
    • s1e2The Quarantine Episode
    • s1e1The Bloody Premiere Episode