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'Blue Mountain State' Recap: 'One Week' (3.10)

Art imitates life in this week's Blue Mountain State: the program gets a TV show made about it - and Coach Daniels puts a golf club through his TV upon seeing the end product. Ouch. //www.starpulse.com/news/Brittany_Frederick/2011/11/10/blue_mountain_state_recap_one_week_310

'Blue Mountain State' Review: 'The Peak' (3.03)

For a guy who was in his own version of hell at the beginning of this season, Alex Moran has come a long way in a short time -- he's riding high this week, having thrown seven touchdowns in an upset of the top-ranked team in the country. And with victory, everyone suddenly wants to be your best friend. "Alex played awesome today, which means I care about him now," Thad tells his teammates, perfectly summing up college popularity in a nutshell. Reveling in the attention, Alex believes he's reached "the peak" of his collegiate experience. Said peak takes on a bit of a sharp edge when the cops show up at the Goathouse, convinced the sudden-onset celebration will bring about another riot (like, uh, in the second-season finale episode  "Riot" ). This forces Alex and Sammy to make what isn't their first ( "Drunk Tank" ) and certainly won't be their last escape from law enforcement. When Thad tries to follow them, he gets maced by the cops, and  Alan Ritchson 's hysterical screaming is funnier than it should be. I have to remind myself this is the same guy who played Aquaman in  Smallville . Read More... //www.starpulse.com/news/Brittany_Frederick/2011/10/06/blue_mountain_state_review_the_peak_30

'Blue Mountain State' 3.01 'The Captain' Review

Mayhem is back in session at Blue Mountain State. It takes about thirty seconds for the show to resume complete insanity on all fronts, which is what we watch it for, isn't it? I mean, this show is... //www.starpulse.com/news/Brittany_Frederick/2011/09/22/blue_mountain_state_301_the_captain_re

'Blue Mountain State' 2.13 'Riot' Review

We've come to the end of season two for Blue Mountain State, so why not end it with a riot? After we learn very quickly that the football team won that game they were so worried about last week, everyone decides to riot. This is not uncommon in sports, though it continues to baffle me; I can see being upset and destroying things in frustration at a horrible loss, but what's up with breaking stuff over a victory? As Sammy says, "What the hell are they rioting for? We won!" Sammy, Mary Jo and the cheerleaders hide inside the Goathouse from a big, unruly mob, and after noticing this on TV, Alex tries to rally the football team into action to save them (okay, and the beer and the drugs). Together with Thad and some of the other players, he sets out on a rescue mission. The lesser-known players are picked off fairly quickly, like a bad horror movie. They're forced to turn to Radon, still bitter that he didn't get to be the hero, for help. Alex, Thad and Radon team up to take back their house and restore order, and it's pretty darn ridiculous how that happens. The show really goes for broke in the final episode, and between the library raid, the couch on fire, and the use of a Taser, it works. Read More... //www.starpulse.com/news/Brittany_Frederick/2011/01/20/blue_mountain_state_213_riot_review

'Blue Mountain State' 2.12 'Trap Game' Review - Starpulse

There are only two episodes left in Blue Mountain State's sophomore run. No wonder why Coach Daniels is feeling the pressure. Oh, plus there's this little thing called a perfect season on the line. Radon makes the big mistake of opening his mouth and guaranteeing a win over the team's 1-10 opponent, and he gets what he deserves after Thad nearly injures him in practice. The hard hit makes him lose his self-confidence (at one point he nearly curls up in the fetal position on the field), and Coach Daniels decides that he needs mental help. The idea of Radon having severe "coach issues" is funny, but only used in two scenes; instead the show takes the low (and predictable) road of having his therapist be an unrealistically attractive woman who is quickly having sex with him. Read More… //www.starpulse.com/news/Brittany_Frederick/2011/01/13/blue_mountain_state_212_trap_game_revi

'Blue Mountain State' 2.11 'Drunk Tank' Review

In my college years, I was always the person getting drunk-dialed, or getting called to bail out my friends - so this week's Blue Mountain State brings back some not-so-fond memories. (Not to mention Denise Richards for the sixth time in eleven episodes; we really ought to just call Debra a recurring character by now.) When everyone but Thad is massively hungover right before a big conference game, the team captain decides to sober everyone up by calling the cops and having them all arrested. Everyone but Sammy, who somehow manages to be outside when the cops storm the Goathouse, gets to spend the night in the drunk tank under the supervision of an overzealous security officer named Chet. I have to admit, it's a pretty ingenious plan from a guy not known for his smarts. To Read More Click Here.

'Blue Mountain State' 2.10 'Hockey' Review - Starpulse

I was a pretty successful hockey goalie once upon a time, which is probably why I get so much joy out of watching Alex Moran  think  he can be the backup goalie for the BMS hockey team. The guy who believes football practice needs naptime thinks he can play my position?  It's almost as if I could say "I told you so." From the moment they step (or fall, as the case may be) on the ice, it's clear that Alex and Radon are both woefully out of their element. Of course, they're not exactly aspiring to greatness, just trying to avoid offseason football conditioning requirements, even if it means bringing the hockey team down to their low standards. This blows up in their faces, as the hockey players start taking after them. Alex is horrified as he realizes he's essentially been beaten with his own  modus operandi . "I accidentally taught him everything he knows," he says of the incumbent goalie and seems resigned to his fate, before an irate Coach Daniels pulls the equivalent of a  deus ex machina . This is not the funniest episode of  BMS , but maybe Alex will think twice about his influence on other people. Oh, who am I kidding? Probably not. To Read More  Click here.

'Blue Mountain State' 2.07 'Debra' Review

Is Alex still high from his marijuana-fueled escapades last week? That would seem a good defense when he finds out (after the fact, of course) that his latest bedmate is his coach's ex-wife, now the dean's wife. You can't really go much more wrong than that, unless you manage to burn the university down, and even then I think it would be a close call. Watching the first part of this episode is like watching an impending accident; you know something horrible is going to happen, but you also know that you can't do anything except cringe. I've taken to thinking of the guys of Blue Mountain State as the classmates I never had in college, so I spent the entire first part of the episode yelling at my TV, as if that would somehow be a persuasive argument for common sense. When Debra (Denise Richards, still in fine form) returns, she shows up at a Goathouse party apparently just to sleep with Alex, who has no idea that she's Coach Daniels' ex-wife until Thad breaks the bad news the morning after. To Read More  Click Here.

Blue Mountain State 2.03 “Born Again” Review

Here we go again. As if last week’s controversy wasn’t enough, this week Blue Mountain State tackles religion…and Denise Richards. Alex is still trying to chaperone Radon, who has his eye on Mary Jo, who’s still attached to Alex. Meanwhile, Coach Daniels’ angry ex-wife (played delightfully by Richards) thinks it’s a good idea to rehabilitate the team’s image by scheduling a charity game between BMS and a local church team. Of course, our heroes would rather be drinking, except for Radon, who tells a story about how he burned down his neighbor’s house when he was ten. I swear, he’s a closet psychopath. Much to Alex’s horror, Radon sets up a date with Mary Jo, and when Alex tries to put a stop to it, she assumes that he’s jealous. Then again, she might be just as crazy as Radon. The two of them probably deserve each other, and if they managed to somehow self-destruct together, Alex’s life would be a lot easier. Then again, if that happened, we wouldn’t be treated to Darin Brooks’ excellent expressions of complete horror. Half the fun of watching this show is watching his reactions to everyone else’s insane behavior. To Read More Click Here.

Blue Mountain State 2.01 “Controversy” Review

I’ve been through college three times, and nothing I experienced ever came close to the level of insanity that takes place at Blue Mountain State. If I were going there, I don’t think I’d last a week. Alex may also be second-guessing his decision to attend BMS, because right off the bat, he’s in hot water with Coach Daniels. Tired of Alex’s lack of effort, the coach has assigned Alex to babysit incoming QB Radon Randell ( Desperate Housewives ‘ Page Kennedy), who happens to be coming from a stint at Rikers Island. Yes, the prison. Considering we last saw Alex narrowly avoiding a lynch mob of cops before the team’s Cypress Bowl appearance, you have to wonder what it’s going to take for him to catch a break. Or maybe this will be the swift kick in the behind he needs. To Read More Click Here.