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Profanity at its best!

This is my first review so bear with me I would not have written a review before in my life but Mr. Lowry's article on BMS needs a response he states that "Guy-oriented Spike doesn't have much of a track record in scripted programming, but it appears to possess a clear idea what men are supposed to like -- a tawdry combination of babes, violence and near-death experiences" He could not have been more spot on! but its the tone of the article which upsets moi, I would like to know what he had to say about those woman oriented shows such as Sex in the city or desperate housewives are they not shows with a "thudding excess" of heart break, shopping and coffee latte's? Did he bash these shows I highly doubt it. Yes we have heard these stories before and yes we have seen the characters in numerous films but all the same Romanski is making me "LOL" every week with his gross out style of comedy And might I add how can you call a guy trying to convince his friend about the value of team mates by swallowing his used condom so that an over zealous father won't impregnate his daughter with its contents an "interesting crumb"????? So without further ado, Lowry you can take your coffee latte and your woman shows about menstrual cycles and f&%k off back to the starbucks whilst I will kick back with a batch of Artois's finest green bottles and enjoy another episode of BMS