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'Bob's Burgers' Celebrates Its 100th Episode

It's time to celebrate! Bob's Burgers will air its 100th episode tonight, as part of back to back installments wrapping up the show's sixth season - and it's an installment that you don't want to m...   Read More... //

Bobs Burgers Review: How the Fox Cartoon Became a Survivor Over Six Seasons

Not too many original television shows make it to 100 episodes anymore, due to a combination of network impatience and the rise of the cable/streaming model, in which series get seasonal orders of 10, 12 or 13 annual installments rather than the once-customary 22. So its kind of a big deal that the Fox animated comedy Bobs Burgers, of all shows, has achieved the number that once stood as the dividing line for entering rerun syndication. That dividing line is still sort of there, but syndication itself matters significantly less than it did at its peak.   Read More... //

Bob's Burgers Recap: Double Feature, Double Rudy

Happy Birthday, Rudy! Sorry about the shoes.   Read More... //

Bob's Burgers Recap: Louse-y Kids and Booth Fairies

Get ready for lice, medical wordplay, and lots of your favorite characters. ... Read More... //

Bob's Burgers Recap: Dude, Where's My Couch?

You will never be the Sofa Queen....   Read More... //

Bobs Burgers Recap: Happy Smellentine's Day!

"It's Valentine's Day your heart's not broken, it's only growing." //

Bobs Burgers Recap: Love Is a Funny Thing

  New Year, new Belchers. Some of them, at least . "The Cook, the Steve, the Gayle, & Her Lover" brings the family back with another of Bob's deliciously disastrous dinner parties, feasting on three (mostly new) romances that deliver exponentially more opportunities for awkward mayhem. From Mr. Frond and Aunt Gayle's gag-worthy second date to Bob's doomed bromance and Tina's newly minted stalker, the episode is a cleverly written, impressively assembled juggling act. The biggest difference, this time, is that a few of the Belchers mature a bit before the main course comes 'round.   Read More... //

Bobs Burgers Recap: The Lovable Schmucks

  Despite the fact that Thanksgiving hasn't even arrived yet, Christmas came early quite literally for the Belchers last night. (The super-early episode and ensuing gap is because of Fox's scheduling quirks, according to reports, so this is likely the last of the new Belchers you'll see this holiday season.) And what better way to celebrate than with a Santa vs. Louise episode?   "Nice-Capades" begins with the kids stumbling upon a man (Henry Winkler) bogarting a massage chair in one of those fun, Brookstone-esque stores. After terrorizing him like a bratty Inspector Gadget, Louise kicks him off the chair so she and her siblings can claim their much-needed physical therapy. Success! The only problem is that he's not just any man; he's the Wharf's local, white-bearded mall Santa, a realization that nearly ruins Louise after the fact:   Read More... //

Bobs Burgers Recap: What the Gayle?

  Thanksgiving is Bob's kryptonite. If there's anything the last few seasons have shown, it's that this guy needs to avoid the holiday at all costs. You might recall how nearly fatal things were at the Wharf in "Dawn of the Peck," or how well things went in "Turkey in a Can." Like mixing Diet Coke and Mentos, surprisingly bad things happen when you pair Bob with turkey.   This year's episode did not signify any sort of deviation: In " Gayle Makin' Bob Sled ," the Belchers plan to spend Thanksgiving at home, Bob attempting yet another turkey; however, good sister that she is, Linda invites the recently single Gayle over for the family meal so she's not alone. Thanks to a snowstorm, Bob feels he must be the brave husband and pick up his sister-in-law, rather than have Linda risk it on the roads. (Aww, chivalry, kind of.) So far this might sound like a what-could-possibly-go-wrong? -type plot, but if you're familiar with both Gayle and Thanksgiving in this universe, you know something bad must be around the corner, and as Linda reveals, yep, that's quite true: When Gayle's psychologically distressed, she's also oftentimes physically injured even if she has to fake it for extra attention:  Read More... //

Bobs Burgers Recap: Dr. Bobenstein

  The Story Its almost Halloween, so Bobs restaurant, along with everybody else at the wharf, is getting into the spooky mind-set. Almost everybody, that is. Louise is actually planning to roll her eyes for the next few weeks because she claims shes unscareable. Of course, thats impossible, but she makes the good point that haunted houses are more gimmicky than scary these days mainly thanks to their super-predictable jump tactics and lack of originality. Personal feelings aside, this quickly turns into a Louise episode, in which Bob and family must give the youngest Belcher one good scare to revive her Halloween cheer.  Read More... //