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"Bones" Didn't leave me Cranky (The Crank in the Shaft Spoilers)

Well it wasn't the best story line ever, there were no thrills or a spill... what was there though was a settling and comfortable feeling. I think now that we've become accustomed to the ever changing intern, Hodgins' & Angela's shocking split and the constant presence of Sweets in the diner this season of Bones has become far easier to digest. At the beginning there seemed to be a period of adjustment and it seems, like Angela and Hodgins awkwardness it has passed. The uber depressed Goth intern although not my favourite was entertaining and down right...well down. I particularly enjoyed his interaction with Dr Hodgins who seemed none too pleased with the new boy, though I did see a slight glint of a young Hodgins in the intern. I imagine Hodgins must have gone through a Gothy faze...didn't we all. Angela is every girl's dream of a best friend, and unlike allot of stunningly beautiful women on television I don't find it hard to like her...which is a bonus because I envy her terribly. Although I feel we haven't seen her enough In the past few episodes, she did make me grin a few times in this episode her quick paced "Gilmore Girls-esque"� speeches are real gems. Her honesty in all situations always makes for good watching and perhaps it's this down to earth bluntness compared to Bones sterile and encyclopaedic bluntness that makes her such an integral part of the show and such a good cushion for bones to bounce off of. I was slightly disappointed that there was no real mention of Zach and the revelation made in the last episode. Perhaps because the last season was so rushed due to the writers strike we are expecting too much too soon, because they definitely seem to be taking this season nice and slowly, which isn't a bad thing... in fact I'm quite enjoying it I found the hurried ending of season 3 to be a little stilted and awkward. Although I know I'm all for taking it slow, I was a little saddened that there was no real Bones/Booth loving tonight, the end was some consolidation but it just wasn't enough.... but that's why we keep watching, right? So that we can see that tiny glimmer of love and progression surrounded by a cracking crime story, loads of bones and words we don't understand! It's what makes it so good and I tell you the day they get together is the day that glimmer is gone...where would they go from there? But it's our desire to see their happy ending which keeps us coming back. Away from all the philosophical musings on one of the worlds greatest debates (Should they/Shouldn't they), my favourite bit in the episode was when Booth was trying to open the elevator doors and said "Boobâ"� in regards to his colleague before snorting like a teenager who'd made a great joke. Ha... boob! It was a good episode which left me smiling and quite warm on the inside.