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Bones: Booth Has Moved On - But Is It for Good?

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. But will that hold true for the cast of Bones, which reunites in the Season 6 premiere after spending seven months thousands of miles apart? "We're resetting the series emotionally for all of the characters," executive producer Stephen Nathan tells us. "What the season seems to be doing is trying to keep everyone off-balance. The best-laid plans for all of our characters might be very different than we think they are. It also reinforces the relationship that all of our people have. We see in a way how close this group is and how much they needed each other, even in that time that they were apart." To Read More Click Here .

Bones Spoilers: A Change of Heart For Brennan

Is Brennan having a change of heart about Booth? The season premiere promo and photos we've posted hint at serious tension between the two, but what are Brennan and Booth really thinking as season six gets underway? “What happened at the [end of last season] was that we saw Booth move on and not have any regrets,” executive producer Stephen Nathan tells Entertainment Weekly. To Read More Click Here .

Photos - Bones 6.01 ''The Mastodon in the Room''

The sixth season of Bones will be airing on Thursday, September 23. When we last left off, most of the group had scattered. Bones and Daisy headed off to their research trip, Booth went to Afghanistan and Angela and Hodgins were Paris-bound. When the group reuinites in the premiere, about a year will have passed. And Bones is in for a surprise, because Booth is returning with a new girlfriend. What will that mean for Bones’ To Read More Click Here .