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  • 28 episodes
    28 episodes
    • s1e28The Last Episode: Some Sport in the Streets and Véronique!
    • s1e27SuBliDoKuMinal
    • s1e26Sex Around the Barbecue
    • s1e25My Prognosis for the Soccer World Cup in Germany
    • s1e24The (bad) Horse Whisperer
    • s1e23Pillow Fight in Paris
    • s1e22One Day in Cannes for the Film Festival 2006
    • s1e21How To Learn French in 3 Jokes!
    • s1e20The Greatest Art Masterpiece Of All Time!
    • s1e19The French Political Map PART 2 / The RIGHT Side
    • s1e18The French Political Map PART 1 / The LEFT Side
    • s1e17One Day in Paris with an American Actress!
    • s1e16French Students on Strike: the Revelation!
    • s1e15A French "Friends" Version - The one who works!
    • s1e14Charlie Sheen and the Conspiracy Theory
    • s1e13What do we Think about America? A Big Poll
    • s1e12The Frencheese Project
    • s1e11Is The French Army Good? A Serious History Lesson
    • s1e10Music on Air
    • s1e9A Press Coverage
    • s1e8I Didn't Sleep at All Because of the Oscars!
    • s1e7Some Strategic Issues about soccer!
    • s1e6About the American Cinema
    • s1e5Little House On The Prairie
    • s1e4A Great TV Series and Something about American Football
    • s1e3What about this French Arrogance?
    • s1e2Thank You for the Gift Mr Mac Donald's
    • s1e1What about?