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Boom! Trailer: First Look At Foxs Bomb-Defusing Game Show

Imagine yourself standing right here in front of this bomb. Clock ticking, cutters in your hands and all that stands between you and a half a million dollars is the single cut of a wire. Thats a pretty succinct description of the premise of Fox s new summer game show Boom! from Keshet DCP. It goes like this: A squad of four players tries to defuse eight goo-filled fake bombs by answering trivia questions correctly with a tight time limit.   Read More... //

Boom! Game Show Preview Makes It Rain Money, Pizza Sauce (Video)

In a first look at FOXs new game showBoom! contestants are soaked with pizza sauce, beef stroganoff and cheddar cheese for every incorrect answer. The objective of the competitionis simple: answera question correctly by cutting the corresponding wire, thereby defusing that roundsbomb. Cut the wrong wire and everyone in the room risks getting dousedwith any one of a variety of foodstuffs. Winners stand to gain up to $500,000 in prize money and/or dry cleaning bills.   Read More... //

Boom! Sneak Peek: Did Someone Say 'Beef Stroganoff Gravy Bomb'?

Plenty of game shows want you to think theyre the bomb diggity, but Foxs Boom!is putting its money where its detonators are. In the following exclusive sneak peek at the high-pressure quiz show(premiering Thursday, June 25 at 8/7c), host Tom Papa explains the Boom! concept: Each question has a corresponding bomb, while each multiple-choice answer [] //