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Bored to Death 3.08 "Nothing I Can't Handle By Running Away" Review

Bored to Death season 3 comes to a close with its latest "Nothing I Can't Handle By Running Away,” the second half of a guest-star packed close that sees Jonathan (Jason Schwartzman) coming to terms with the truth of his biological father, while George (Ted Danson) offers to host his daughter's wedding and Ray (Zach Galifianakis) finds comfort in a legion of fans obsessed with his comic books.  The momentum from last week mostly fizzles, but is this the last we'll see of Bored to Death ? There’s talk going around of this being Bored to Death ’s last season, thereby making “Nothing I Can’t Handle By Running Away” its last episode, owing largely to meager ratings and the increasingly pressed career of its three leads.  That being the case, “Nothing I Can’t Handle By Running Away" certainly leaves us with a rather bizarre note of selfish behavior to never see properly addressed. Read More... //

Bored To Death: 3.08 “Nothing I Can’t Handle By Running Away.”

When we last left Bored To Death , it was revealed to Jonathan by the owner of the sperm bank/his father that the girl he had just slept with, Rose, was his sister. We are thrust immediately back to the aquarium where Jonathan and his Dad, Bergeron, were talking in the last scene of episode seven. Bergeron reveals some of his family traits in a really amusing opening salvo that results in Jonathan believing his Dad to be a major disappointment. "Are you even Jewish or a member of Mensa?" "I'm Black Irish, and I'm a member of Triple A." Ray has been hit hard after his separation from Leah, and he seeks solace in his son Spencer, while George is reveling in repairing his fractured relationship with his daughter, Emily, and her future husband Bernard, and they prepare for the duos wedding the next day. Jonathan continues to dismiss his relationship with Rose and after reconnecting with Bergeron, the pair are then suddenly kidnapped by a group of Brooklyn toughs who lock Jonathan up in the basement of the Brooklyn Wonderland Baseball park while Bergeron collects the cash he owes them. Read More... //

Bored to Death Recap: To the Raymobile!

So much for wrapping things up neatly on what might be Bored to Death ’s final season. In this episode’s final scene, George is dancing with his daughter, having begrudgingly accepted her wedding to Bernard, Ray is swaying with that old woman he met earlier, and Jonathan is making out with his sister Rose. See, he was just about to tell her that they’re more Luke/Leia than Han/Leia (despite Jonathan’s seemingly magical ability with a gun), but he’s just too happy in the relationship to end it. "We all have our thing," Ray says — or something to that effect — and I guess Jonathan has found his thing, and that thing is incest? I dunno. This whole incest plotline has left a bad taste in my mouth; it feels far too dark for Bored to Death , normally a show that finds levity even in gangster beatings and senseless murdering — and in the case of last night, even parental disappointment. I suppose there had to be something to ground the fantasy action star scenes in which Jonathan found himself starring. Read More... //

BORED TO DEATH “Nothing I Can’t Handle By Running Away” Season Finale Review

BORED TO DEATH  "Nothing I Can’t Handle By Running Away" Season 3 Episode 8 – The finale of Bored to Death  picked up with last week’s shocking  revelation  that the sperm bank  owner is  Shamus’s Jonathan’s dad and father to all of the children  whose parents  used the services of the sperm bank to conceive. This of course also includes Jonathan’s new lover, who he now realizes is also his half-sister. George is also faced with a few shocking revelations shortly after reconciling with his daughter . Not only is she eloping with her much older fiancé, this is actually her second marriage. Interestingly, her first marriage took place during her S&M phase. Shortly thereafter, George reveals to Josephine that his relationships are like crimes in which he steals love from women. It was nice to see these two still together. Unsurprisingly, Jonathan’s bio dad has crossed some shady characters in the course of doing business. Luckily for Jonathan he has two really great friends who keep him from becoming collateral damage in his bio dad’s shady business. Jonathan’s time at the shooting range has really paid off as he revealed himself to be quite the sharpshooter. Read More... //

Bored to Death Recap: I Like Mine in Cream Sauce

Whoa, that was pretty messed up, even by Bored to Death standards. I mean, clearly the show is okay with getting babies drunk and senseless murder in Prospect Park. But incest feels over the line, even if it was accidental and Jonathan had no way of knowing. Bored to Death typically has a short emotional memory, meaning next week either we learn that Jonathan and Rose aren’t actually related, or the entire thing gets swept under the rug and we only hear about it in passing (like the time Ray got stabbed). I’m rooting for either, because knowing how prone Jonathan is to mental complexes, this kind of thing could send him to therapy for many, many foot rubs. In any case, this may be the first time Bored to Death has ever used the "To Be Continued" trope, and it’s with good reason: "Forget the Herring" was compelling throughout, full of character epiphanies born out of heightened comic moments. And for my money, it doesn’t get more heightened than watching Ted Danson gallop through the streets of New York dressed as a wispy-eyelashed Don Quixote, Ray following behind even though he doesn’t have a costume. They haven’t been that blissfully happy in a while. Ray has been booted from Leah’s apartment and is crashing on George’s couch for the time being, suffering from back pain. George is dreading his performance in the upcoming Yale alumni performance — he still hasn’t had a proper singing lesson; his relationship with Emily is like that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry starts sleeping with his cleaning lady — and is dealing with Ray’s snoring and need for pre-bedtime infantilizing. He just wants the show to happen, in the off chance his daughter shows up. Read More... //

Bored to Death 3.07 "Forget the Herring" Review

Bored to Death season 3 keeps digging deeper with its latest "Forget the Herring," another guest-star packed half-hour that sees Jonathan (Jason Schwartzman) investigating a new lead in the search for his father, while George (Ted Danson) and Ray (Zach Galifianakis) make desperate gambles of their relationship troubles.  But with only one episode of the season remaining, is this the last we'll see of Bored to Death ? Lately it feels like we have two different kinds of Bored to Death episodes, those heavy with celebrity guest appearances, and those focusing on the interpersonal dynamic of its three leads.  "Forget the Herring" falls into the former, though that’s not any kind of level at the show’s humor, only a minor distracting in an otherwise engaging story. Read More... //

BORED TO DEATH “Forget the Herring” Review

Bored to Death  "Forget the Herring" Season 3, Episode 7 – Last week’s episode of Bored to Death ended with a major break in Jonathan’s search for his biological father as he received a call from a woman claiming to have information to assist him in his search. We began with the mysterious female caller, Rose, whose life also began at the Hudson Sperm Bank. Rose is already a step ahead of Jonathan with information about the sperm bank owner. She suspects the owner hired a "fire bug" to burn the sperm bank down and he’s currently in jail serving time. Indeed, Rose has no need to hire Jonathan, however, she decides to include him in her pursuit after seeing him on television and feeling sorry for him. As Jonathan inches closer to solving the mystery of his biological father’s identity, Ray and George are doing their best to apologize and make amends with the women in their lives. Well, George is making an effort to apologize to his daughter while it appears that Ray is first trying to confirm that Leah is upset with him about the cheating. If Leah is not upset about the cheating, what else has Ray been up to? I’m probably reading too much into this and Ray’s effort to seek confirmation of the reason for Leah’s hurt feelings is probably due more to his general clueless state. Read More... //

Bored to Death Recap: Shaving the Ol’ Side-Belly

Jonathan sure got a lot of mileage from his appearance on The Dick Cavett Show . The biggest piece of news to come out of "Two Large Pearls and a Bar Of Gold" (I’ll never think of Zach Galifianakis’s penis in the same way again — not that I thought of it before) is revealed near the end. Jonathan gets a call from someone who saw him on the show, ready to reveal information about the Fair Lawn sperm bank and the whereabouts of his missing father. It’s a bookend to the episode’s unsatisfying beginning: Jonathan travels to Fair Lawn and interrogates the owner of a fur store situated next to the site of the former sperm bank, which went up in flames in 1981. The man knows nothing, and Jonathan’s forced to return to New York with only a mink shawl for his mom and the disappointment of finding yet another dead end. But there’s business to tide him over. Patti Stevenson, the girl to whom he lost his virginity at Princeton many years ago, is getting married in a few days, and her father — big fan of his appearance on Cavett — needs someone to guard the non-penis-related family jewels. (Concurrently, Leah catches Ray fooling around with Olympia Dukakis in the bathtub, playing a deep sea diver-type game where she digs around for his "two large pearls and a gold bar.") They’re in the form of a valuable necklace worth upwards of a hundred thousand dollars, and they must be protected for the wedding ceremony. He brings along Ray and George, who are promised weed, booze, and some cool outfits that make them look like longshoremen — but also, what else are they gonna do, really? — and settles in for a night at a spooky old house with a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist. He’s determined not to lose this necklace; he never loses anything, even his sunglasses, which most people do. Read More... //

Bored to Death 3.06 "Two Large Pearls and a Bar of Gold" Review

Bored to Death season 3 keeps investigating with its latest "Two Large Pearls and a Bar of Gold," another fun and fast-paced half-hour that sees Jonathan (Jason Schwartzman) reconnecting with an old flame and enlisting Ray and George in an effort to protect her valuable jewelery.  But all the zaniness aside, does the latest caper add up to a fulfilling episode? As much as I enjoyed last week’s equally awkwardly named " I Keep Taking Baths Like Lady Macbeth ," and all its madcap energy, there’s a simpler way of delivering laughs that "Two Large Pearls and a Bar of Gold" utilizes much more effectively.  Free of (most) of the extensive guest stars and in-fighting, Bored to Death proves far more effective by stepping aside, and letting its leads exercise their sociopathic, if earnest chemistry. Read More... //

BORED TO DEATH “Two Large Pearls and a Bar of Gold” Review

BORED TO DEATH  "Two Large Pearls and a Bar of Gold" Season 3  Episode 6 – As a bit of background, prior to this episode of  Bored to Death , George has agreed to sing in a musical revue and has found the perfect, pot-smoking singing coach. Ray still has a serious case of elder love that he satisfies with Belinda and Jonathan is still in search for clues that will lead him to his biological father. Ray is finally caught in the elder  love act! Most scripted television cheaters get caught in the bedroom or somewhere else in the midst of passion. In true  Bored to Death  fashion , Ray is caught in a super-sudsy bubble bath at the start of what appeared to be a really awkward game of "find the treasure." Leah catching Ray and Belinda in the act was a welcome disruption. George’s new lover Josephine is definitely a keeper. I absolutely loved that she came out to comfort Ray, despite not knowing who he was. Read More... //