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David E. Kelley Reveals Why James Spader Almost Didn't Star in 'Boston Legal'

The prolific producer also remembers network resistance over casting Many Patinkin becuase he was "too Jewish."   ...Read More...

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Boston Legal actor Justin Mentell dies aged 27 Actor Justin Mentell, who appeared on the hit US TV show Boston Legal, has been killed in a car accident, police have confirmed. The Iowa County Sheriff's Department said the star had not been wearing a seatbelt and was killed when his car hit two trees on an embankment. Mentell played lawyer Garrett Wells in Boston Legal, a spin-off of the show The Practice, in 2005 and 2006. The 27-year-old actor also appeared in the 2009 Disney movie G-Force.

Boston Legal's Henry Gibson Dies

Veteran character actor Henry Gibson died Monday. His son, Jon, told The New York Times the cause was cancer. He was 73. Gibson was born James Bateman and went to college with Jon Voight, with whom he created a comedy team. Voight claims to have given Gibson his stage name as a tribute to Norwegian poet Henrik Ibsen (say it out loud with a Southern accent). He was definitely one of those "oh, that guy" actors that you know, but can't place. Allow us to assist you. Among countless other roles: -He had a recurring gig as a Southern poet on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In. -He was the obsequious country star Haven Hamilton in Robert Altman's Nashville. -He played Thurston Howell, the creepy guy who hits on William H. Macy in the bar in Paul Thomas Anderson's Magnolia. -He was the not-so-easily offended Father O'Neill in Wedding Crashers . -He played a judge on Boston Legal for the last four seasons of the show's run. Source Here

2009 Prism Awards Winners in TV - Featured

Honoring TV shows and actors for accurately portraying the issue of mental health and addiction, Prism Awards gives out the names of the recipients. Dana Delany grabs the top honor for her performance as Katherine in " Desperate Housewives " while William Shatner takes the same honor in opposite gender for his portrayal of Denny in " Boston Legal ". Also praised for their performance are Benjamin Bratt who played a recovering drug addict in A&E 's " The Cleaner " and Chandra Wilson for her role as Yvonne Caldwell in Hallmark Original Movie "Accidental Friendship". Awards are given out in a ceremony which will be aired on FX Network on September 26 as part of National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month. TV shows honored at the event are "Boston Legal," " Breaking Bad ", " King of the Hill ", " Law & Order: Special Victims Unit " and " The Office ". Also included are miniseries "Sybil" and the syndicated talk show "Dr. Phil." "In these difficult economic times, when many of us know someone in our lives touched by these issues, the stories we honor with Prism Awards have shown great sensitivity toward those who are experiencing addiction, substance abuse and other mental-health problems," Entertainment Industries Council chief Brian Dyak said. Source Here

Kristin Chenoweth Signs on for 'Legally Mad'

Pushing Daisies may be coming down to its last episodes, but at least we know we'll be seeing more of the wonderful cast, though sadly not together. Kristin Chenoweth has signed on to Boston Legal creator, David E. Kelley's, new NBC series, Legally Mad. As described on, Legally Mad is "a quirky legal drama (get out!) revolving around a woman who takes a job at her father's Chicago law firm, Legally Mad finds Chenoweth playing Skippy Pylon, a brilliant but somewhat off-kilter - OK, perhaps slightly psychotic - attorney who is often is mistaken for a teenager." What do you think? Does this sound good enough to fill our need for this cutie pie girl post-Daisies? Read the full story on Kristin Chenoweth Is Mad for David E. Kelley Photo courtesy of

David E. Kelley: ABC Shunned Boston Legal; "Satisfied" with Series Run

Boston Legal closed its doors for the final time Monday night, ending a five-year run and a two-decade-old era in the process. With its two-hour bow, Legal's goodbye means it'll be the first time in 22 years that television is without a topical David E. Kelley program on air. But it didn't have to end this way. "ABC didn't want us back," Kelley told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. "It's as simple as that. They didn't even want us back for this year at all. We had to fight to get back on with 13. It's not a product they care to market." Even though it was developed as a spinoff of Kelley's critically acclaimed The Practice , Legal got the bastard child treatment from the Alphabet from the very beginning, Kelley felt. "Five years into the show, if anyone has ever seen the show at ABC, they've yet to bring it to my attention," he said. The apathy stems from Legal's production studio, 20th Century Fox Television - which means ABC does not own the series, giving it more reason to push it off to the side and focus on their own development slate. Though never a ratings hit, Legal did nab five Emmys, was the stomping ground of over-50 well-known actors and actresses, made more meta-references than you can count, and created a character in and of itself out of a balcony. And while Kelley would love to have gone for Season 6, he is not bitter at having his Alan Shore-Denny Crane idiosyncratic love affair of sorts cut short. "I feel satisfied we had run a good course," he said. read from: TvGuide

Actress Julie Bowen Expecting Again!

Boston Legal actress Julie Bowen and her husband are expecting their second child this spring, her rep confirms exclusively to PEOPLE. "She's thrilled," says the rep. This will be the second child for the actress and her husband, real estate investor Scott Phillips. The couple welcomed son Oliver in April 2007. Bowen, 38, and Phillips were married in 2004. He proposed the previous Thanksgiving, when Bowen was starring as schoolteacher Carol Vessey on TV's Ed. Bowen, who plays attorney Denise Bauer on Boston Legal, has also appeared on Weeds and Lost . read from the soure

Boston Legal Season 5 Episode 6 Recap

Denny and Alan arrive at the Utah dude ranch for a vacation. They are dressed in bright and elaborate outfits for their outing. Alan does not look comfortable on the horse and Denny asks if he has ever rode one. Alan admits that he only rode a pony when he was young. While talking, they are approached by Melvin Palmer, the Texan attorney. He tells Denny that Alan and him go way back. Back in Boston, Shirley visits Catherine Piper who is in jail again. Catherine tells her that she asked for Alan. Shirley says that he is out of the state and she will be handling her case. Catherine says that she is in jail because she was a victim of malpractice and took issue with her doctor. She says that she set her doctor's office on fire, which ended up blowing the man up. The doctor, Jeremy Marley, is still alive but is now pressing charges against her. Catherine tells Shirley that Marley put her on a drug that caused a small heart attack that almost killed her. She later learned that Marley received kick backs from the drug companies. She then decided to take her revenge on Marley. Shirley returns to the office and tells Carl about the case. She says that Catherine wants to plea temporary insanity. While walking down the hall, the team sees Jerry dressed up in a shepherdess outfit. Jerry tells them that his calendar told him that the day was Halloween. Later, Jerry goes to his office and tells Katie that his smart phone dumbly informed him of the wrong date. Katie tells him that he looks great in the outfit. Jerry becomes concerned that his mistake might cost him his shot at making partner. Carl comes into the office and tells Jerry that the firm is a grown up place and that dressing up is a kid thing. Later in court, Marley testifies that he returned to his office while it was burning. He says that he was treating Catherine for Kidney disease. Marley states that he gave her a drug that worked very well at first. He says that the side effects could not be anticipated, especially because is was a new drug. Back in Utah, Denny approaches a woman, Irene, who is bending over. The man's husband, Ian, confronts him for trying to hit on his wife. He tells the owner of the ranch, Jensen, that he paid good money to have a good time. Later, Denny grabs Irene's butt causing him to be yelled at by Ian again. Back in court, Catherine is placed on the stand to give her testimony. She tells the jury that she had a terrible heart attack. She says that the drug was considered safe by doctors that received a windfall profit every time they prescribed the drug. She says that the doctors and drug companies have enough money to pay for the law to look the other way when people get hurt. At the ranch, Alan gets a cell call from the office just before the group is about to set off to go horse riding. Ian sees that Alan is bringing his work to the vacation and criticizes him. They get into a argument and Jensen shoots his gun in the air to quiet things down. Alan gets worked up again and the voices grow louder again. Jensen shoots his gun again to shut them up. At the trial, a psychologist is called to the stand. He explains that Catherine probably went into a mild disassociate state where she was not capable of forming intent. The prosecutor asks how much he is being compensated for his testimony. The psychologist says ten grand. Back in Utah, the group gallups along while Alan cautiously follows. They reach a campground and start a fire before it becomes dark. Around the campfire, one of the ranch hands begins to sing a religious song. Instead of singing along, Alan decides to light a cigar. Ian becomes angry that he is being exposed to smoke. Alan tells the group that he wants to hear cowboy songs, not religious songs. Melvin asks for the guitar to sing a song. Melvin sings a song about a couple of men playing dress up as cowboys. The group laughs as they realize that Melvin is poking fun at Denny and Alan's city slicker co

Cheri Oteri is coming to Boston

What ever happened to Cheri Oteri ( Saturday Night Live )? Not entirely sure...but she'll be coming back to TV on this season of Boston Legal as a guest star seeking Alan Shore's counsel. The final 13 episodes of Legal begin airing September 22nd at 10PM on ABC. Source: TV Guide