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Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 15 “Granite State”

Breaking Bad  “Granite State” Season 5 Episode 15 airs Sunday September 22 at 9pm on AMC. Episode Synopsis:  Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 15 “Granite State”- Events set in motion long ago move toward a conclusion. Read More... //

Breaking Bad "Granite State" Review: It's Not Over Until He Says It's Over

"Granite State" will go down in history as one of the series' most unusual episodes.  Read More... //

'Breaking Bad' Penultimate: $10,000 For 2 Hours

There are two kinds of next-to-last episodes on television. Some are brilliantly explosive - like last week's episode of Breaking Bad, and the episode before that.  Some are quiet, in preparation f... //

'Breaking Bad' Series Finale Preview: Walt Has Unfinished Business

Sporting full beard in disguise, Walt is still roaming the streets as he wants a revenge although he risks himself getting caught.  Read More... //

‘Breaking Bad’: Can Walter White Be Saved?

(Spoiler alert: Don’t read this if you aren’t caught up on “Breaking Bad”) Last night’s penultimate “Breaking Bad” did something I never thought would be possible again: It made Walter White sympathetic again. Holed up in New Hampshire, isolated, dying of cancer, he felt like a character in one of the grimmer Stephen King novels: haunted by his own failings, cold, guilty, hopeless. He was James Caan in “Misery,” and the Kathy Bates holding him hostage was his past.   Read More... //

Emmys 2013: Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn talk 'Breaking Bad' series finale

Bryan Cranston and Anna Gunn sure know how to tease a series finale.The "Breaking Bad" stars opened up about the highly secretive final two episodes of the AMC series on the 2013 Primetime Emmy Awards red carpet on Sunday (Sept. 22), and while they couldn't reveal actual plot details, they did set tongues wagging with what they could reveal."Tonight is the penultimate episode and next week is our final episode of 'Breaking Bad' ever. It's bittersweet," Cranston says. "It's like an athlete that wants to finish on top rather than letting it go on for a year or two more. Vince Gilligan, our writer, finished it at just the right time. The ending is perfect, unapologetic. It is perfect 'Breaking Bad.'""Anything can happen," Gunn says. "We've been trained like the CIA. We've been trained within an inch of our lives not to reveal anything. I think the fans will appreciate it because the last... //

Emmys 2013: Will 'Breaking Bad' cook up a sweep at awards?

'Breaking Bad,' a critical and social media darling, might finally seize the moment. 'Louie' could get the last laugh. Fans of "Breaking Bad" have just two more episodes to learn the fate of Walter White and his crystal meth empire, but at Sunday night's Emmy Awards, the AMC drama looks poised to glide over all.  Read More... //,0,2686944.story

'Breaking Bad': AMC rerunning entire series before the finale

Do you have 61 spare hours next week? If so, you can rewatch the entire series run of "Breaking Bad" without needing a Netflix subscription.Starting at 8 p.m. ET Wednesday (Sept. 25), AMC will run the show from beginning to end -- that's 61 episodes of the rise and fall of Walter White (Bryan Cranston). It all leads up to the finale at 9 p.m. ET Sept. 29.AMC will let you sleep during the marathon -- there are "Three Stooges" shorts and a block of infomercials scheduled for the wee hours of Thursday and Friday mornings. And on Saturday, the cable channel is sticking to its usual lineup of westerns, so you'll be able to do laundry or spend time with your loved ones or whatever. The marathon resumes at 11 p.m. Saturday, following "Hell on Wheels," and runs uninterrupted until the finale. As Zap2it previously noted, a one-hour "Talking Bad" will air at 10:15... //

‘Breaking Bad’ Props to Be Auctioned sees a market in the stuff movie and TV shows are made of, including the dull green Aztek used by the show’s meth-dealing antihero, Walter White.   Read More...     //

Top Moments: Allison Janney Resurrects "The Jackal" and Jimmy Only Wants to Be with Justin

Our top moments of the week: 13. Best Reveal: Granted, Det. Jake Peralta ( Andy Samberg ) shows a lot of skin in the first episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine  — hello, Speedo! — but it's his boss, Capt. Ray Holt ( Andre Braugher ), who really exposes himself. Ray explains that, even though he caught the infamous Disco Strangler way back when, he's only now been able to lead a command because he revealed that he was...   //