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How Dave Porter Merges the Music of Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad (Audio)

Its hard enough creating music for one show. But for almost every themeDave Porter creates for Better Call Saul, he has to think about how it fits in with the musical world he already created for Breaking Bad. Porter ambitiously created individualpieces forkeycharacters on Breaking Bad, and gets to use some of them again for Saul. But because Saul is mostly set years before Breaking Bad, Porter needs the musicto reflect those characters earlier in their lives. (The title character, for example, isnt yet the smooth criminal lawyer Saul Goodman of Breaking Bad hes still struggling attorneyJimmy McGill.)   Read More... //

Breaking Bads Giancarlo Esposito To Voice NBC Olympics Opening Film Sneak Peeks

He scared the bejeezus out of us on Breaking Bad and is about to lay it down in Netflix's Baz Luhrmann series The Get Down , but Giancarlo Esposito s going for gold tomorrow as the voice of NBC 's Rio Olympics opening film. Joining the Olympics narration company of James Earl Jones, Andre Braugher, Ewan McGregor, Emily Bluntand Game Of Thrones ' Peter Dinklage, the Emmy nominee vocal tones will be one of the first things viewers hear on the Comcast-owned net's primetime   ...Read More... //

Bryan Cranston Joins Power Rangers Movie as Floating Head Zordon -

Walter White is about to recruit a team of teenagers with attitude. Lionsgate on Tuesday announced that Bryan Cranston will appear in Power Rangers , the March 2017 movie based on Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers , which aired on Fox Kids from 1993 to 1995. Interestingly enough, Cranston did voiceover work in several Season 1 episodes of MMPR. Read the full article at .

This Breaking Bad Actor Was Almost on Better Call Saul

  Bob Odenkirk says there are more Breaking Bad cameos on the way for Better Call Saul Better Call Saul concluded its second season on AMC Monday night, and while the episode had much to offer, there was one special moment that ultimately hit the writer's room floor.   Read More... //

Aaron Paul Says 'Breaking Bad' Fans Crashed His Wedding

"This one girl almost caught Lauren's bouquet. She dove for it violently dove, you could tell on her face that she was going to get it."   Read More... //

'Breaking Bad' Star Reveals Political Blackmail Threat

"Breaking Bad" star Steven Michael Quezada claims he's the victim of a political blackmail plot.   In a video posted to Facebook on Wednesday, the actor said he received an email which threatened to expose an old DWI conviction and publish his booking mugshots if he didn't quit the race for a seat on the Bernalillo County Board of Commissioners in Albuquerque, New Mexico.   Read More...         //

Vince Gilligan Finally Reveals Why Walter White Left Gray Matter

It's been about three years since the show ended, but somehow we just got a huge bit of"Breaking" news. Yeah, your life has to be pretty messed up to make you throw pizza on the roof of your house. (That's just wasteful, bro.) Now we finally know more about how Walter White got to that point in "Breaking Bad." Namely, show creator Vince Gilligan and co-showrunner Peter Gould filled us in on why he left his old company, Gray Matter. Read More.... //

Breaking Bad's Anna Gunn to Co-Star in ABC Comedy Pilot Chunk & Bean

  Breaking Bad alum Anna Gunn has signed on to co-star in ABC's comedy pilot Chunk & Bean , Deadline reports. The single-camera comedy is about the unlikely friendship of two misfits, Chunk and Bean , who benefit from having two very different sets of parents living next door to each other.    Read More... //

Bryan Cranston Used to Work as a Carny

From his hilarious performance as Hal in Malcom in the Middle to his career-making portrayal of Walter White in Breaking Bad, youd be hard-pressed to find someone not familiar with the amazing work of Bryan Cranston. However, there are some interesting facts about him that even the most enthusiastic fan might not know. Here are 12 things you might know about Bryan Cranston. Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images 1. He almost didnt get the part of Walter WhiteBoth John Cusack and Matthew Broderick were first offered the part of Walter White, but both actors turned it down. AMC was initially... Read More...

You Didn't Notice All These 'X-Files' And 'Breaking Bad' Connections

  Could " X-Files " and " Breaking Bad " share the same universe? The truth might not be that far out there. After all, "Breaking Bad" creator Vince Gilligan wrote a bunch of "X-Files" episodes back in the day. In fact, that's how he was first introduced to Walter White himself, Bryan Cranston .   Read More...     //